Dr Slappy Got A Live One Here @NRA @Midwest Patriot Militia @Nathan Moyer

Dear Doctor Christopher (American Patriot) (And obviously totally NOT Nathan Moyer);

Let me begin by saying how grateful I am for your many comments and contributions; when my friends and readers tell me how much they agree with me it is pleasant but not stimulating. There nothing more boring than a bunch of people agreeing about everything, and I think it can be a dangerous thing as well, because we can easily make ourselves blind to the truth of things when we only look at them from one side. It is also important to recognize that we can be mistaken even in our moments of absolute certainty; all of the great sins of history were committed by those convinced of the rightness of their cause. It is why I looked at your comments with an open mind and weighed them with all due consideration, for, as you pointed out, you are a PHD, which means you are a philosophical doctor. I myself lack any degree beyond the high school I graduated from, although I have read some books and traveled to some places, I lack the wisdom and knowledge that is bestowed upon one with the conference of a diploma. I suppose this makes me, as  you so succinctly pointed out, ‘stupid’. I had not realized this before as I have never had the privilege of having a Doctor of Philosophy such as yourself diagnose me. It must be this stupidity that prevents me from seeing your arguments as valid. The way my stupid brain sees what you have posted makes it look as if an idiot man-child with erectile dysfunction is venting his demented frustrations all over my comments section, but obviously, since you are a big war hero doctor of philosophy and I am a big stupid fairy, this cannot possibly the case. So I will do my best to answer your points as I see them.

To begin with, The Battle of Athens was brought about by recently discharged GI’s who primarily armed themselves by raiding the local National Guard Armory, so using it as an argument for why the general populace should be armed to the teeth doesn’t make any sense. Actually, most of your points about overthrowing the tyranny of the government are absurd when they’re not actually treasonous, which would seem ironic coming from someone who calls themselves a ‘patriot’, but then, I’m a stupid fairy virgin, so I am probably mistaken. Also, Chicago’s gun ban was undone by the Supreme Court a couple of years back, so citing the skyrocketing murder rate completely undermines your argument.

Now, I would like to address your very first point from 4am this morning when you said, “How can you fight against an enemy with a single shot .22 ??? I rest my case”. To begin with, as a stupid fairy virgin who has been afforded this rare opportunity to have enlightening dialogue with a Big War Hero Doctor of Philosophy, I have to ask you, have I been mistaken all these years in thinking that when you say ‘I rest my case’ you have finished your argument, as opposed to going on and on and on? At least, that’s what I gathered from watching ‘Judge Judy’ reruns. Perhaps they teach you at Doctor of Philosophy School that you say ‘I rest my case’ at the beginning of your argument; as a stupid fairy virgin, they wouldn’t let me in.
But enough of caviling over these trifles; you ask, “How can you fight against an enemy with a single shot .22 ???” This question really amazed and challenged me, much like ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ I find myself wanting to make several points that are all competing to be first, so I will do my best to arrange them in the form of a Top 10 List.


10. You can shoot them with it.

9. You can throw it at them.

8. You can club them over the head with it.

7. You can do a dazzling drill routine and then club them over the head with it.
6. You can put a bayonet on the end and stab the shit out of them.

5. You can beat it into a plowshare and and then plow the shit out of them.

4. You can put a bayonet on the end and throw it like a spear.

3. After you shoot them the first time, you could put more bullets in it.

2. You could hire someone to shoot your enemy with it.

1. You could ask yourself ‘How can you fight against an enemy with a musket???’
As a Doctor of Philosophy, you certainly must be familiar with the Conservative legal theory of ‘Original Intent’. Well, it would seem to my stupid fairy virgin brain that the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers would have meant ‘musket’, not ‘semi-automatic assault rifles with extended magazines and silencers’. So, it would only follow, according to the legal theory of Original Intent, that the only thing that should be legal are muskets and breech loaders.

However, Doctor Christopher Not Nathan Moyer, not one reasonable person is suggesting taking away all the guns, or everything but single shot .22s, or anything as absurd as that. What we are trying to do is to figure out a way to stop crazy people from slaughtering our children. Adam Lanza was able to spray 27 bullets in 30 seconds into the bodies of little children, and he was unable to go to the barbers for a haircut by himself; what we are trying to say is that we can do better than this. However, when the tiny-dicked half-men freak out and start screaming about killing people and civil war because their fellow citizens have had enough of the slaughter of innocents, that doesn’t make me want to back down even a little bit. We have catered to your insecurities, neurotic fears, and childish fantasies for far too long.

You are never going to overthrow the government. You couldn’t overthrow the Perkins that you’re sitting in while sucking down coffee and obsessing over what some stupid fairy virgin wrote about you. Having a shitload of guns doesn’t make you any safer; you or your loved ones are nearly fifty times more likely to be shot by your own gun than to actually deter a crime with it. Please go and reconsider your most cherished and closely held beliefs, because when you really examine them you will find that you are holding on to a handful of dogshit and would be far better off to drop it and wash your hands.

All the Best,

Winston Delgado

85 Responses to “Dr Slappy Got A Live One Here @NRA @Midwest Patriot Militia @Nathan Moyer”

  1. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    Dear mr furious fairy. I couldn’t help but notice my comments put you to such shame you created a new blog just to hide from them, you can do absolutely nothing to ward off a mass group of treasonus militants armed to the teeth with fully automatic assault rifles, with your little single shot .22 you’d be dead before, or definety after you fire your first shot, not to mention a .22 is a small game round and last time i checked humans cannot compare in size to a rat or rabbit. Not to mention its a close range round not a long range round so you’d have to be within yards to actualy have any effect against such militants armed to the teeth with fully automatic assault rifles firing a thousand shots per second as compared to your one small round per 10minutes

    • Victor (meat puppet, not sock puppet) Says:

      Please leave a post here telling us all when your “mass group of treasonus militants armed to the teeth with fully automatic assault rifles” is coming so I can bake a cake for you.

  2. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    And yet for a tenth time you’ve shown you can neither read or show intelligence, i told you once before there were eight different cases you so unsuccessfully tried to make so as i took on each SEPERATE case i closed my argument but maybe if you lived a life offline instead of acting like a 40yo overweight and bald virgin living in his mothers basement then you could realize this, im sorry mommy never loved you and daddy didnt want you but at least buy a prostitute as to get laid before its to late since you have trouble getting a woman to willingly even be in your presence mr furious fairy.

  3. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    and as to all of your uneducated rambllings because you were picked on as a chubby child there is no “”argument”” to fact, the facts i posted to prove your uneducated and upset with your life so you sit online all day to talk shit to people to make yourself feel better, the facts i posted that made you create this new blog to hide them from easy view. And you say “”everyone’s agreeing with me”” ??? I see one person posting on any of your pre teen style rants and its me and im most certainly dont agree with any uneducated statement you’ve made to feel good about yourself by downing others. You live a sad pathetic life of fantasies in your own reality. It must be nice to be a window licker on the short bus who just creates his own reality.

  4. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    i didnt even bother to read all of the ignorance you’ve posted above because i was dumb founded by the extreme un intelligence it was radiating, so i’ll leave you with my words and stop tryin to educate someone with the clear brain capacity of mr potato head, aka you mr furious fairy. To everyone else check out my blog comments on furious fairies “”what do you think you are saluting @ NRA”” immature rambling post. You will laugh your ass off at this mommys basement dwelling tittie sucker called furious fairy, i mean furious budda lmao, to funny Hahaha.

  5. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    i should proly shut up before i build up so much anger in him he decides to go from verbaly abusing people like some immature pre schooler while hiding behind the safety of his daddy’s computer (assuming daddy didnt abandon him as a child) to abusing his grandma or some defenceless puppy……….

  6. Christopher, or whoever you are…

    For the record, I agree with Winston. (You seem to have a hard time understanding that there are people who do.) Secondly, He is more educated and has a better understanding of Constitutional law than many lawyers I know. (and I know several)

    What I find most interesting about this serious of posts is that they accuse Winston of only engaging in ad hominem attacks while silmultaneously doing exactly the same. (Your “short bus” comment was especially amusing )

    Meanwhile, the only salient argumentative fact made in all of these posts is in the first one. And that was somewhat incorrect. Indeed, .22 is a small game round but it is accurate over 150 meters and a decent marksman with a single shot rifle can get of a round every couple of seconds. (or at least I can.) Granted, a .22 is useless against body armor.

    You seem overly interested in caliber. (I’d speculate as to a reason, but Freudian psychology is not my area.) Caliber is not necessarily the most important or significant feature of a round. An AR 14 round is actually .22 cal. It is bullet shape and propellant that make the difference. (.22LR bullet is 5.6 mm diameter. Standard NATO round for the M-4 aka AR-15 is 5.7 mm.)

    I’m really not sure what you are trying to prove; but you are failing and making an ass of yourself in the process. This is a critical debate that our country MUST have. Over 30,000 people die firearms related deaths every year. Those numbers demand that we take a rational look at every aspect of this issue and arrive at some common sense responses. You can relax, no one is going to kick in your door and take your guns. If they wanted to, they’d bring a tank or a Bradley and there would be nothing you could do about it with an AR anyway. Responsible gun owners and rational people really have nothing to fear. We just need to figure out what we can do to save some of those 30,000 people.

  7. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    it has nothing to do with guns, facts or anything else, ITS ABOUT HIM ACTING LIKE A JR HIGH BULLY to people on the internet !!! And its about standing up for the guy he’s verbaly abusing for absolutely no reason !!! What if this guy is going through a hard time right now and he see’s this and he was so devastated by this MORON’S DEPLORABLE ABUSE of him publicaly he couldn’t take it ??? And what if he’s a father as well ??? Now these children are fatherless because some idiot decided to become an international bully for everyone to see !!! He’s turned himself into the bully that every parent fears will abuse there child in school !!! THATS WHAT YOU DONT GET !!! ok your for gun control thats absolutely great, GUESS WHAT that dont matter, thats your right

  8. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    many men died for your right to exercise that right to freedom of choice, i encourage you to become involved with your personal beliefs but DEPLORABLE is literaly a compliment to the things he said about this man is such a disgusting way on his other blog !!! Its an absolute shame such men exist in our society that it makes me sick !!! I GUARANTEE every DECENT member of society would agree this man has abused his internet priviledges to such an extreme as to use it for mental domestic terrorism and harassment of people in front of a global audience that he needs criminaly charged and to lose his internet PRIVILEGE permanently. Especialy With his overly deplorable words to all the multiple people he’s victimized so aggressively.

  9. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    And yes INTERNET BULLYING WAS MADE ILLEGAL BY OUR PRESIDENT after seeing how many innocent children WERE DYING because of verbal internet terrorism by scum like this furious budda as he calls himself. SO LETS FOCUS ON THEM CHILDREN THAT DIED TO PEOPLE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING AS HIM !!! WHAT ABOUT THOSE CHILDREN ??? MORAL OF THE STORY: if you have a belief then thats great, thats what america is all about. But when you undertake such disgustingly deplorable ways you become an extremist and a dangerous terrorist to the public. Put thought and facts behind your arguments as to win more flies with the honey, not insults and harassment as to burn them with a blow torch.

    • STOP ABUSING ALL CAPS – I am introducing a bill to make it illegal. Federal agents will be on your doorstep shortly to not only take your but to also give you a serious wedgie.

  10. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    P.s. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe you have friends after seeing the way you treat people, especialy when there not looking. So it suggests (along with the fact that no one else has ever commented on ANY of your blogs until now, and only 1 “”like”” on the majority of your multiple rambling harassment you call blogs to such a wide array of people) that you made this new screen name to come to your own defence with is pathetic to say the least if my suspicion is correct. Now if you wish to get a belief through then start acting accordingly and stop putting shame on the ENTIRE NAME of ALL anti gun citizens! have a nice day and may god bless and have mercy on you for your deplorable actions sir.

  11. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    And i just want to finish with this, it didnt feel good when i started talking about you the same way you were talking about all these people on your multiple blogs in front of a global audience did it, learn from that and start treating others with respect and how you would want to be treated if you want to make a REAL difference because bullying people like you are is what caused thousands of deaths of children and citizens from people DRIVEN CRAZY BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU VERBALLY ATTACKING THEM !

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  13. ooooh we got a live one here. Winston, it looks a bit rabid. Don’t get any of that froth on you.

  14. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    seeing as how not one of those comments were there before, and your the moderator of this site, i am now POSITIVE that all of those comments that have now magicaly appeared after you have been exposed for who you are, are you under different screen names to defend yourself, there was not one comment on any of your blogs not even this one until i posted and exposed you. How pathetic you are to have to create fake usernames to come to your own defence, and so obviously. p.s. The way you type gives gives it away that there all you and further more proves it…. 🙂

  15. Christian4guncontrol Says:

    i must agree with you christopher, bravo to you for giving him a taste of what he’s doing and using fact’s to discredit him as the disgraceful man he really is. You’re against gun control but brought up good points to support it unlike this man who used insults to shame only himself.

  16. What the who ? Says:

    ha, furious fairy, tittie sucker, daddy didnt love him < absolutely hilarious christopher, classic humor used in an honorable manor.

  17. What the who ? Says:

    i think its him on those fake profiles to since hes the moderater of this site and looks so foolish now

  18. And there’s the other shoe as promised.
    It’s funny how all they all sound like Selwyn Duke at the end.

    Please, Nathan, do go on.

  19. what a disgrace. He does need to be put in a crazy bin if he sayin he make a diff when the man he talks about actualy showed up in front of congress to at least try and make a diff. But apparently furious buddas idea of makin a diff is living life out on the internet

  20. i should post this on every anti bulling and gun support site i can find

  21. Please do. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten you to pretend to be a girl.

    • And I really haven’t ‘gotten’ you to do anything. You’ve really done this all yourself. It’s a fascinating pattern that I’ve noticed. You see, you’re not the first zealot-head that I’ve gotten into; what’s strange is that we’ve gotten here this quickly. Selwyn Duke took months before he got into full blown sock puppetry, and Jezekiah went a lot faster, but I don’t remember it being this quick. Anyway, I’m going to bed and will check in tomorrow. Enjoy talking to yourself this evening.

      This is getting easier than shooting fish in a barrel with a .22.
      Goodnight, Nathan.

  22. Omg !

  23. Omg ! Is this guy named winston and calls himself furious budda for real ? I think the daddy didnt love him statement hit the nail on the head.

  24. craigslistlooker Says:

    I think we all know this man named furious budda as he so strangly calls himself might as well be standing in front of a mirror as he speaks since it so blatently shows his words to mr. Moyer is how he feels about himself.

  25. Legislativelecon Says:

    i seen this link on craigslist and its worse then described…couldn’t help but notice he makes fun of this chris guy for using insults when he was the original insulter. I think that alone speaks volumes about this furious fairy as im now going to call him to.

  26. Dig it down jack Says:

    so lets get this straight, ur sayin the best way to get people to be on your side is to make fun of there penis size and call them pretend soldiers ? What logic you posses in that peanut you call a brain winston. This guy should put a bullet in himself for making a blog to make fun of people then calling himself a journalist and writer for doing it. What a shame such people exist, no wonder america has so many enemies

  27. Dig it down jack Says:

    no wait its actualy a good idea, lets rush to congress and call them pretend law makers with tiny penis’s so we can get our way and win there favor, its the perfect plan.

  28. Dig it down jack Says:

    ====TO EVERYONE WHO READS THIS: lets not post any more comments. Christopher obviously did a good job at exposing him in every aspect and this guy is obviously seeking the attention he never got as a child…..lets not give him what he craves shall we. Cut him off the nipple and he’ll starve.====

  29. TheSickworldwelivein Says:

    I agree with ^^ and im discusted he calls himself a journalist and writer when he’s just some bald fat guy living with his mom and internet bloging insults about people without there knowledge —- shame shame shame

  30. I personaly am against gun control to, what else am i against? As a mother Immature bullies like this guy calling himself furious budda. Its bad enough we have to worrie about this happening to our children let alone happening to ourselves. His internet use should most certaily be banned.

  31. people like you who picked on people for who they are is why lazra finaly snapped and murdered those poor kids. You must be so proud of yourself furious budda

  32. Jessicalovesherboy Says:

    my child commited suicide because bullys like you pushed him over the edge just because he had a speech problem. You disgust me furious budda !!!!!!!!!

  33. Dear Christopher / Nathan / etc.

    I read your post about having a hard time earlier and would encourage you to go talk to someone… a counselor, pastor, etc. You’re obviously feeling very angry or stressed and it has nothing to do with a random stranger on the internet. This doesn’t make you weak or wrong – just human!

    Do yourself a kindness first and take care of whatever ails you. Life is not an easy journey and sometimes we need help along the way. I’m not saying this to get wrapped up in an argument here – just to remind you that the argument isn’t worth it.

    Sometimes when I get over-zealous about an issue I discover there is really something else going on underneath. Maybe that’s going on with you too? I don’t know – but wanted to share that as a suggestion.

    Please take these suggestions in the kind manner in which they are meant. All of us here deserve to be happy, loved, and listened to no matter what we’ve said, what we’ve done, or who we are.

    In Peace,

  34. Just observing Says:

    wow this “”lily”” person sounds like furious budda hiding under a different screen name tryin to defend himself, or maybe it really is someone else and there just as dumb and blind as him, i’d suggest your re read furious budda’s words before you say anyone needs help or its obvious your the one that needs help (and badly)

  35. Just observing Says:

    <—– high profile/child psychologist for 12 years in the practice and now an investigative reporter. Just saying lily to a real professional who knows what he's talking about you should stick to tryin not to diagnose people unsuccessfuly, thats why there's laws in place that you must be licenced to offer such suggestions to others. Just saying furious budda/lily……

  36. Just observing Says:

    This lily person’s internet ip address number match’s furious budda’s along with other alleged posters defending him, i checked it out, its definety winston Delgado, seems to be a chicago address, or it may be someone on his internet connection (which is highly unlikely) but in any case it definety come from his computer——-someones patheticaly butthurt over christopher’s words, cough cough Furious budda cough cough, excuse me lmao

  37. Who are you -_- Says:

    I’d have to agree, this furious budda is obviously mentally disturbed and harboring some pretty aggressive feelings, christopher simply showed him what it feels like then kindly explained to him how budda needs to change his deplorable ways of attacking people as christopher so understatedly called it, do explain lily how does this mean christopher needs help and not the guy he was acting like to show him how the guy is acting ? I think christopher is a hero for standing up to such an over aged immature bully, and such people as budda i must agree are a serious reason behind people being driven to the point of snapping and commiting mass tragedy’s, shame on you furious budda shame shame shame on you

  38. Who are you -_- Says:

    i thank you for emailing me the link to this dave but i think were just giving this furious budda the attention he so desperately begs for, as its been said by a few posters before lets just ignore such a malice person, thats the best way thing to do with people like him.

  39. Who are you -_- Says:

    way/thing to do *

  40. Who are you -_- Says:

    by the way dave you put “i suggest your re read” – instead of you re read.

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  42. FEDERAL LAW H.R.11654: defines all able bodied citizens age 17-44 as the militia of there perspective state with there governor as there commander in chief unless exempt by law. Militia’s are a homeland defence that protect citizens from terrorist attacks, invasion, provide a natural disaster response team, provide emergency police force, and recovery assistance to name just a few, and it seems militia’s are so important that illinois state constitution militia article XII states the military is in strict subordination to the civil power and in sec. 5 states militia men are exempt from being arrested when on, going to, or returning from militia duty. Which makes since being the unorganized and organized militia are a homeland defence.

  43. being i’ve bothered to do research before i talk (unlike a certain someone we all know already) i would say every one of these people who have stood up against an outrageous bully would most certainly join a militia to defend the great land of america so many have died to protect. Just pointing out the facts here.

  44. i should also point out its highly illegal not to join a militia of the state when called to do so by the president of the united states or your state governor Unless its a combat situation in which a recognized religion forbids you to fight. in non combat situations religion is not an excuse.

  45. But im not going to argue with someone who so obviously has not done any research and who’s now admited he wouldn’t fight for america and also made fun of those that would. (but then again what do you expect from a bully, there all cowards) just stating the facts so there out there for these fine people to see themselves. Now you may proceed with making fun of everyone who is disgusted with your childish words to a man you dont know and has done nothing to you.

  46. your most certainly correct, but you forgot one detail…..Militia’s are who fought for and won america along with its liberty and its freedom in the revolutionary war against the tyrant king and redcoat british soldiers, and might i add there were only 3% of americans willing to fight so the war was won by 3% of the population with amazingly great odds against them.

  47. Mole in the ground Says:

    couldn’t help but notice this furious budda is judging everyone because there judging him for his words (hypocrite) and i’ll point out your words to this moyer character are a disgusting shame of an an attack on a persons character that topple any comment made here as i see. Look in the mirror before you judge others for doing what you took to an extreme level winston/furious budda, which ever you may prefer to be called.

  48. Mole in the ground Says:

    does this “”kenny”” guy (as he claims to be) not realize the AR-15 does not shoot .22 rounds, it shoots special rounds that are .22LR which he mentioned but did not specify as to the major differences between a .22 and a .22LR round Other then just the measurements ? Just throwing that out there, and his claim that any man that for no reason talks the way this furious budda does to people is “”more educated and has a better understanding of constitutional law then many lawyers i know”” speaks volumes of this guys credibility and speaks for itself especialy considering furious budda has admitted he never went to any college or had any further schooling.

  49. charlotte Says:

    i’d say what speaks volumes of furious budda is the fact this man hasn’t said sorry even once for his words of ignorance and bullying and just continues on without any regret….Shamefull to the core.

  50. charlotte Says:

    FURIOUS BUDDA: > I went to plenty of college. I just never bothered with a degree. < TRANSLATION: i sucked my parents bank account dry and waisted tax payers money through financial aid just to fail.

  51. Lmao @ charlotte

  52. Happy days Says:

    Omg sharlette stop it, it just sprayed milk out of my nose lmmfao hahaha

  53. Mariot liner Says:

    it appears this furious budda has a major problem with knowing when to shut up, i’d say he lacks major function in the frontal lobe of his brain in all seriousness.

  54. Mariot liner Says:

    lets hope his disgraceful words catch up to him and he gets charged criminaly with such acts as he’s typed, then he’ll go from furious budda to furious booty pirate

  55. Lobbyistlove Says:

    I myself am a anti gun activist, but i must say how proud i am of all these men and women, nathan moyer included, who stood and fought this bill due to the outrageousness and severity of it would of done more harm then any good. To those that care to read it, the bill # is S.B. 2899 and H.B. 1263 and can be searched on the Illinois General Assembly’s goverment website. I believe if this man named winston man wanted to make a difference like he claims, he would of been there to make a difference instead of using innocent childrens deaths to jam his agenda down others Throats by engaging in verbal abuse that causes the death of hundreds of kids every year and yes even mass shootings, the problem of mass shootings must be dealt with at the root of the problem

  56. Lobbyistlove Says:

    I further more want to stress Mr. Winston Delgado’s (furious budda) actions are of a dangerous extremists nature and his words do not represent or reflect the views or opinions of gun activists and legislative lobbyists, may i say, we have crazies on both side as one might say.

  57. Lobbyistlove Says:

    Correction – anti-gun* activists and legislative lobbyists.

  58. Dontthinkicare Says:

    i’d put money on it that he’s a mexican, we all know about mexicans and selling children as sex slaves, horrificaly dicing people up while still alive to steal there organs, and not to mention the drug war killing thousands all do to there own greed. They destroyed mexico now they flood to america and will do the same. And to those that say were all equal you couldn’t be more wrong, were all diverse or certain races couldn’t be able to be identified by dna alone, we would all look the same, and there wouldn’t be diseases that only certain races can contract such as sickle cell disease. Call me racist for this but im just a realist, africans sell there relatives as slaves, english people intruded on every civilization they can, irish are drunks ect.

  59. Dontthinkicare Says:

    I for one am most certainly glad were diverse but we cant ignore the trade mark characteristics of races including our own. If more would realize this about themselves then maybe the cycle could be stopped, not that every member of a race diplays such characteristics, just the majority of them do and thats who i speak of, im english and had boundery problems until i realized its a heritage cycle that must be broken, and you cannot fix what you dont know is broken.

  60. Dontthinkicare Says:

    we english (as i stated before im english) celebrate a holiday called the “”festival of trespass”” in which we literaly trespass on others property and jump there fences. Self critizism is a great trait to posses and i suggest you look into it as it would help you deal with the high aggression rate of furiousity (as your name “”furious budda”” even suggests) you seen to hold inside and take out on un-deserving others as you have not only done to this nathan moyer, but to alot of people on all your so called blogs. I wish you luck in life at changing who you are for the betterment of all society alike with yourself included.

  61. Yes, I understand that AR-15s don’t usually shoot .22. They can be chambered to use them but normally don’t.They don’t shoot .22LR either (see below). .22LR is normally a target shooting round for single shot bolt action rifles like I shot in my backyard when I was 8. An AR uses NATO 5.56 x 5 rounds. You’d think a big strong Militia guy would know the difference. Just so there is no confusion: Granted it is from Wikipedia, not the greatest source, but I have better things to do…

    Owners of guns that use gas systems, such as AR-15 sport style rifles, normally avoid firing non-jacketed .22LR ammunition, as the use of unjacketed ammunition may lead to fouling of the gas port inside the barrel and costly gunsmithing procedures.


    Frankly, I don’t even understand what point you are tying to make. But if you are going to argue, at least use correct information.

  62. And donthinicare Wins the prize!

    Sorry Winston. A wise woman once said, when you wrestle with pigs, everyone gets dirty. I don’t care to get the filth that is on donthinkicare on me.

    Enjoy. Let me know when someone is interested in a reasonable conversation. Until, I’m leaving the Teahouse, it’s beginning to stink in here…

  63. Cantbelievemyeyes Says:

    uh it looks like there’s tons of people that believe and know there “”sock puppets”” (including me) and as to this guy claiming he’s some gun expert yet now admitted he’s using wikipedia (the dictionary where random people are allowed to create any definition they like regardless of accuracy) as his so called reference ? And not one sentence did i see that was incorrect in dontthinkicares post as you claim, do explain your accusations that reflect your own words there furious fairy, oops, i mean “”kenny””

  64. Theworldwelivein Says:

    did anyone else notice kenny’s first paragraph of ignorance ended with “”i have better things to do”” looks like the better things he had to do is post another ten times as he claims he’s “”not going to argue” even tho thats exactly what he’s doing lmao hilarious

  65. Theworldwelivein Says:

    oh oh oh i forgot he’s telling people to “”use accurate information”” as he’s googling shit on wikipedia lmao Hahaha (points and laughs at the retards)

  66. <——— points and laughs at them with her, damn it, i laughed so my face went numb lol. This furious budda doesnt seem to have any friends and i can surely see why. And isnt teahouse two words as in tea house ? And isnt ""furious budda"" an oxymoron since budda taught against fury ? Just to inform you, there retorical questions, meaning i already know the answer. Just speaking as to your credibility, personality, and character but i think your own words do a better job at that so i'll end there.

  67. Nathan,
    You should really check out my latest post. It concerns you and contains information that you may require.

  68. Not a puppet (me either) Says:

    wow. Just….wow. Someone’s off their meds for sure. And has guns. Greaaaaaat.

  69. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious
    familiarity concerning unpredicted feelings.

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