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If you take the time to peruse some of the more recent comment threads at the Teahouse, you will get a peek into the mind of the kind of person who joins a militia and fwaps about overthrowing the government. While it is hard to not simply laugh at the antics of this frustrated man-child throwing a tantrum (complete with sock puppets), it is key to remember that the person who wrote this probably possesses a personal arsenal and fantasizes frequently about using it. This is one of the strongest arguments for why we need serious reform of our nations policies on gun ownership.

Gun control opponents asserting that guns make us safer while simultaneously asserting that compared to the millions of children who went to school safely on December 14th the massacre at Sandy Hook was statistically insignificant is an irony so dark and cruel that the only applicable adjective for it is ‘Satanic’. How is the ability to quickly slaughter a roomful of toddlers an ‘essential liberty’? Why is it necessary for any citizen to be able to unload a thirty round magazine in a half-minute? Why does anyone legitimately need silencers or armor piercing rounds? These are basic questions that a civilized society shouldn’t have to ask itself, but thanks to the NRA and their slavish devotion to weapons manufacturers these are real questions we face.

Shortly, the President will be announcing his answers to these questions; hopefully they will include a ban on assault rifles and extended magazines and a background check system with some teeth. Furthermore, having all weapons and ammunition with traceable serial numbers would be a very good thing; ultimately, every gun purchased in the US should be a ‘smart’ gun that can only be fired by the owner. The technology for this already exists and implementing it is only a matter of political will.

The political will of people like Doctor Christopher Not Nathan Moyar is unquestionably strong; this loud minority has bullied our society and political system into accepting a status quo that is deranged. However, like all bullies, their position is far more tenuous than it appears and they know it; this is why their sound and fury has such a desperate ring to it. For despite all of the shrieking from the right, no serious person is talking about sacrificing any essential freedom but rather how to preserve our liberties while securing our families and most vulnerable members of society. Far too often our media in an effort to be ‘objective’ will distort issues so that it seems like both sides have a balanced argument. That is absolutely not the case here; I cannot find an example of greater depraved delusions than the Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ who are harassing people like Gene Rosen. This is why I will continue to advocate, write and fight for sane public policy; our opponents are too depraved to trust with the safety of the public.

One Response to “@Gun Control @NRA @Midwest Patriot Militia @Nathan Moyar”

  1. “Too depraved to trust” unfortunately describes far too many individuals in positions of power as well as in possession of arsenals.

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