I’m the Big Mean Bully Who Is Also A Stupid Fairy Virgin @NRA @Nathan Moyar @Midwest Patriot Militia

Dear Doctor Christopher Not Nathan Moyar (American Patriot);

This letter is in reference to your most recent comment. To begin with, I feel the need to explain to you that this is not a new blog, but a new post on the exact same blog. I’m not trying to ‘hide’ anything; in fact, I am linking to your comments and trying to put our conversation front and center for my readers. I like to start new threads because I dislike writing in the comments section as it is difficult to put links in there. Also, this way my readers are made well aware of our conversation and can follow it more clearly. They generally don’t comment because they understand that this show is between you and me. Kenny is one of a few handful of exceptions because he understands what I’m doing and is free to step on my stage anytime he likes; it also helps in this case that he was an army brat who has a vast knowledge base on the matters we’ve been discussing.

The article about Nathan Moyar that I was criticizing came from the Chicago Tribune. He put himself front and center of a critical political debate and expressed a strong opinion that directly effects the lives and safety of my loved ones; he has made himself available for interviews and seems eager to have attention paid to himself. So I obliged him. If he is such a big tough pretend army man with such big scary guns who is fighting in a war against tyranny, surely the words of a stupid fairy virgin should just bounce off his freakishly enormous forehead. After all, if Rush Limbaugh can use his platform to degrade and abuse a college girl for testifying before Congress for women’s health, surely I can use a blog to point out that the people who were proudly fighting to endanger the lives of my loved ones are treacherous cretins.

Besides, if my little blog post made Nathan Moyar so deranged that he killed himself or harmed or others, then that would actually kind of make my argument that people like Nathan Moyar have no business amassing personal arsenals; after all, I only said he was a middle aged twit and a loser with a limp dick.  I notice that you are currently posting a new flurry of invective at me which actually nice because it means you will read this fresh. And I know you will read this despite your denials because you are currently devouring my every word; because I am paying attention to you, and that’s what you need right now my friend, and so I give it to you.

I have a theological belief that our sins are like barbed wire covered in hot tar wrapped tight around us, so that when the angels come to pull them away from us we think them devils and demons. I am telling you this in utmost sincerity and that I understand you are in pain; I am sorry for this, but it is better to live without delusions than to be sealed within them. I don’t hate you, Doctor Christopher, or your friend Nathan Moyar; you have given me opportunity to get to know you and I’m telling you that you have an opportunity to change your mind and grow into a happy human being. Please, reconsider your beliefs and positions. Healthy adults don’t fantasize about overthrowing the government.

Your brother,

Winston Delgado

35 Responses to “I’m the Big Mean Bully Who Is Also A Stupid Fairy Virgin @NRA @Nathan Moyar @Midwest Patriot Militia”

  1. Just gently entering the fray to propose this website: http://www.couragerenewal.org/democracy

    Parker Palmer’s works and projects get at the heart of why democracy is so difficult: we must listen. We must learn to speak of our experiences, not just what we want to believe. Listening and reflecting are rarely taught, rarely practiced.

    I have been awed by Winston’s knowledge of literature since we first met over twenty years ago. I am delighted to see his willingness to robustly engage on the Internet, where dialogue too often runs to volcanic vents of anger.

    How can we find the balance?

    Bravo Winston, keep writing and keep your clear voice loud and strong.

  2. Becky, you make me blush like a little boy. The book looks very interesting. Thank you for that!

  3. Been reading your blog since the beginning…how many years ago now? Over 25 years of debating you in person and it is always refreshing to hear your thoughts – even when we disagree. I do want to say about 9/11 I WAS RIGHT! Hee hee….I never had a chance to say it.

    You know I wouldn’t have an issue if Nathan er… Christopher wanted to have a serious debate about the issue. I would welcome it. But all the name calling, bad spelling, ignorance…it is too much and actually gives gun rights supporters a bad rap. He is an embarrassment to the very cause he seeks to defend.

    Oh and I am not a PhD but I do have 2 master degrees…and I will be the first to tell you. *yawn* so what? And obviously a PhD does not stop you from being a homophobic asshole.

  4. Quick correction and a couple comments.

    Correction: Army Brat, target S\shooter and former NRA member! (Yep! Kinda funny huh!)

    Comment 1. Glad ya’ll found the Freud comment funny. I expected a response though, guess it was over his /ahem head.

    2: I LOVE Parker Palmer”s stuff. Thanks Rebecca for presenting the site.

  5. HEY! I was reading from the beginning too! AND I was on the email list that spawned this thing! 😛

    Also, 1 Master’s Degree here and yes PhD yawn. All it really shows is that you have the time money and energy to devote to studying a somewhat obscure topic for a long period of time…

    I presume you have heard that the President has made some decisions and will be making an announcement tomorrow. Should be an interesting day.

  6. Executive order to prosecute those who failed background checks.
    Backed proposed Legislative Assault Weapons ban/ large magazine ban and a couple of other things. What I’m even more interested in is the response. The NRA is so tone deaf on the mood of the populace that today, less than a month after Sandy Hook, they debuted a first person shooter/ target game for phones. Most of the targets are just that, or are bullseyes etc, but in some advanced levels the targets are coffins!

    NBC news did a brief story on it…

  7. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    this will be my last post since i’ve made my point clearly and so successfully i have no more need to interact with such a disgracefuly diplosable person as you. Enjoy spending your life internet bullying people to feel better about your own pathetic life and creating your fake profiles (so obvious that every one of those comments are you, you didnt bother changing the way you type, or even add a picture) to so patheticaly come to your own defence, as i said earlier may god have mercy on your soul mr. winston delgado. P.s. I strongly suggest you seek professional help for these horrible feelings your harboring inside yourself because they and becoming ever more increasingly dangerous to yourself and others.

  8. Justice for all Says:

    wow he has been creating different threads to hide the other comments, and he said its to make it easy ??? I found it rather frustrating to try and bounce page to page and it does appear all the typing from those posts are done in the same fashion.

  9. Justice for all Says:

    if you actualy want to stop mass shooting then start with the men like furious budda who bully people till they finaly snap and commit such acts, thats the real begining of the problem

  10. Uh uh…. Here comes Sybil. Would he at least take the time to spell correctly and use proper grammar? Burlington, VT is passing a semi automatic ban this week. Interesting since it is a heavy hunting state.

  11. […] you take the time to peruse some of the more recent comment threads at the Teahouse, you will get a peek into the mind of the […]

  12. Just to be clear….someone expressing the ideals of peace and love and the values that make a strong democratic society are what makes these people want to pick up guns. I’m so very, very sorry for them, It must be terrible to be so alone in their own heads.

  13. Dontthinkicare Says:

    couldn’t help but notice all those comments are wrote in the same typing style as the moderator of this site aka furious budda, is it coincidence his only defenders type exactly the same way as him ? I think any idiot could figure out there all the same person this furious budda created to come to his own rescue since such masses of people are letting him know how shamefull his actions and words of extremism are and honestly scary, his words to moyer suggest he’s on the brink of commiting a mass shooting himself 😮

  14. Dontthinkicare Says:

    I feel i should attempt to educate a certain idiot that we are a republic, not a democracy!…..so uneducated as to all the topics he speaks of.

  15. Cantbelievemyeyes Says:

    where do such people come up with the un-thought out idea that america is a democracy and not a republic ? Oh yes, thats right, communism!

  16. Sock Puppet Says:

    THIS is my last comment to your post Mr. Delgado!

  17. So, you read the new post then?

  18. yup we showed he’s a moron, done posting here, i wont feed the troll that is winston delgado aka furious fairy any more. Done!

  19. Poo poo platter Says:

    Who gave that jack-ass a computer?

  20. I love when Winston’s blog turns the pot of shit. He did it some time four years ago and it caught my attention. Only I stayed for a good debate and learned something, and hey, I still come around to hear his insight. I don’t always agree with him, but you have to pick your battles with the furious buddha. He can argue his way out of a paper bag and make you look as dumb as a rock in the process.

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