abrupt and undone

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the bag of snakes
serving as his mind
shot the shooting
framing the gun
faxing the manifesto
that reads like transcripts
of locusts singing hymns
of death, famine, plague and war

one man’s madness magnified by a gun #NRA

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High octane nightmare fuel.

Some people react so well to tragedy.

What made the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward so extraordinary is that they were broadcast on live television as well as posted to the internet by Bryce Williams, their murderer. They were simply doing a routine part of their jobs when a demented former colleague ambushed them with a gun.

There have been 8,505 deaths by gun this year in the Untied States. That means that since the murders that lit up the internet this morning until this evening when I am typing this there have been at least ten fatal shootings in the US.

And the NRA will continue to insist on holding all of us hostage for in the name of their paranoia and the bank accounts of gunmakers.


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my favorite punctuation mark
separating and connecting
continuity across a break
for a moment
at the mouth of hallway
that stretched into darkness
penumbra passing
the eclipse over
brief as it was


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little dudes first day of school
my last day off
and its monday
and im broke as a joke
debts piled like vacation mail
googling sertraline withdrawal
matching my symptoms
time is running under my feet
off my meds two days
the thoughts are clear but racing
unfocused to nowhere
refusing to accept
the peace of the moment
slicing moments into pieces
of cartoons and pop songs
filled with lackadaisical urgency
and unfulfilled nauseous hunger
procrastinating while skydiving
buddha behind the madness
concludes the experiment
& phones the pharmacist


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in the deep fathoms
it stirs the silt
raising concealing clouds
its presence undeniable
but yet undefinable
until it breaches the surface
revealing itself to
conscious contemplation
basking in daylight
extant and alive

Vox Day is a racist, a petulant man-child, and a terrible writer. #HugoAwards #SadPuppies

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To be perfectly clear, Vox Day is a racist, a petulant man-child, and a terrible writer who only garners attention by gaming the system. This is, however, a great example of the kind of people who think awards are worth putting more effort into figuring out how to get one rather than writing a decent story. As pathetic as it is to seek that sort of external self-validation, what they are trying to validate is even more wretched. People like this remind me of the Kevin Kline character in a Fish Called Wanda; they’re so convinced of their own genius they can’t be bothered to notice how stupid they are.

I can’t wait to hear why we are terrible people for laughing at this.

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Josh Duggar, family values activist.

You really think he would have tried to head this one off at the pass, seeing as how he was already publicly explaining how it was okay he diddled his sisters around the same time that the website for adulterers he had spent nearly a thousand dollars on had been hacked. It really would have taken the piss out of finding out this way.

I don’t believe people should be outed, but this jackass is a public figure who has based his entire public personal around presuming his moral superiority and condemning other people for who and how they love. That he used the ‘sanctity’ of marriage as a cudgel against others only makes this schadenfreude sweeter. Wouldn’t it be something if our conservative fundamentalist friends took this opportunity to reconsider their beliefs rather than doubling down?


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