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not amelia

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not amelia
im so glad you are you and
not bones on a beach

it would be so hard
to have a conversation
with a bleached white skull

nevermind the crabs
you have a voice that is yours
not amelias

requiem for a poor sinner #walterscott

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becoming tonight
from the passing of the day
feel the world spinning

over a sandwich
on a flat plastic panel
i watched a man die

he ran twenty feet
across fresh green grass then fell
eight shots at his back

the cop called it in
as he cuffed the dying man
then plants the taser

then it’s all over
skip the apple shut the screen
feel the world spinning

Walter Scott had a bench warrant out for his arrest because he owed about 18 grand in unpaid child support. The video of his summary execution and attempt to frame him as posing a threat is irrefutable and deeply unsettling. I have no special love for deadbeat dads but neither am I fond of cold blooded murderers. May Walter Scott rest in peace.

arbitrary rain 2 useless beauty

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and it’s the next day
arbitrary rain then bright
then here comes the night

this is the pattern
it’s five seven five by three
that’s how i spell it

this useless beauty
is endlessly abundant
i can afford it

tock tick tick

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the cruelest month begins
with a leering clownpaint grin
it’s poetry month

abruptly punctured
life will seek to find a new

arises from disorder;
order births chaos

days in the life pulsing with the vital essence of a thousand neutron stars

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Sometimes there’s nothing here because all the different thoughts get bottled up fighting to squeeze out first and then there’s Censorius Rex looming over there with his wicked blade murdering most of the ones that slip out. Blogging has served as a kind of notebook for me for the better part of the past twenty years; I used to work ideas for my standup and sketches which is why my older stuff has such a ranty feel to it, (And I think it is the wont of young men to rant; it gives the illusion that they have something interesting to say.) And then I sit here at the keyboard, tell myself to pop the cork and get the censor drunk, and I have nothing. It’s Saturday night and I don’t feel like politics or anything right now.  Little dude is sleeping in the next room. Julia is out with friends for one of their birthdays. I’m watching Archer. It’s hilarious.

I’m working on paintings. I’m starting a theater company. I’m writing a novel. But tonight I’m enjoying a pot of green tea and watching cartoons.

Bon Jour France!

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I was just checking in and I noticed that for some reason I am getting a ton of traffic from France today. Vive France!

I’m going to go have breakfast. I will write something this weekend…

Love y’all



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