And Eastasia was always at war with Eurasia

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I have conservative friends and a lot of the writing I used to do about politics was about trying to establish dialogue and common ground, or at least I like to remember it that way. I certainly trolled the hell out of people like Selwyn Duke among others, but I did that for the sake of my own education as well as in the service of Art; I loved reading those dialogues to audiences.

I don’t write much about politics now partly because I’m a huge fan of Obama and while I won’t apologize for or explain every possible policy of his administration I am generally satisfied with how the Obama Administration comports itself, and on occasions when I don’t, there are plenty of other voices to raise criticism. Conversely I often find myself so disgusted by the Confederacy of Dunces that oppose him that I don’t even know what to say that could possibly establish dialogue and I am certainly not eager to share any common ground with them. Writing about that stuff just angries up the blood and right now here in the USA we all need to be chilling our blood down. Again, it’s not like the world needs me to point out that Ted Nugent is a raving asshole; Wonkette does that better than anyone anyway.

I was going to say more but I got bored. Maybe it was something about how the GOP Republican hopefuls are not so much a ship of fools as a car of clowns, which brings me to; Tomorrow is Red Nose Day and I don’t care if it’s some corporate whatever I’m gonna wear one and carry around a coffee can and take donations for Comic Relief. And I’m gonna try not to cry once because I’m doing it for Robin.

BB King is gone

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for all you mothers*

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who bear the human race in your arms
and raise the gutter orphans up
teaching ignorant lips civilization
wiping uncounted noses and asses
feeding every belly but your own
singing lullaby lullaby to soothe away the cry
& the armies of aunties and nanas
& the teachers of selfless generosity
& the people who mend families
thank you
the love you give us
is where all good begins
the love you give us
is why the world spins
the love you give us
picks us up when we fall
the love you give us
is how God loves us all

*reprinted from last year.

delicious word snack

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faith is to belief
as ethics are to morals;
they are not the same

is not equivalency;
delicious word snack

a voice discerning
censors itself and ceases;
teaching in silence

Chewie… We’re home.

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not amelia

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not amelia
im so glad you are you and
not bones on a beach

it would be so hard
to have a conversation
with a bleached white skull

nevermind the crabs
you have a voice that is yours
not amelias

requiem for a poor sinner #walterscott

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becoming tonight
from the passing of the day
feel the world spinning

over a sandwich
on a flat plastic panel
i watched a man die

he ran twenty feet
across fresh green grass then fell
eight shots at his back

the cop called it in
as he cuffed the dying man
then plants the taser

then it’s all over
skip the apple shut the screen
feel the world spinning

Walter Scott had a bench warrant out for his arrest because he owed about 18 grand in unpaid child support. The video of his summary execution and attempt to frame him as posing a threat is irrefutable and deeply unsettling. I have no special love for deadbeat dads but neither am I fond of cold blooded murderers. May Walter Scott rest in peace.


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