Comrade Trump’s New Decency

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If what that woman does in that video to that child constitutes child abuse, then someone needs to call the police on Jimmy Kimmel because he has victimized thousands of kids over the years. While I am not a fan of this mother’s parenting technique or Jimmy’s sadistic notion of a joke (and I certainly don’t agree with videotaping and posting any of these humiliating moments), it doesn’t constitute child abuse. I know how the terrible damage we do to children echoes across decades and centuries which is why I will not trivialize child abuse by equating it to what that woman did. I can disagree with what she is doing and still not categorize it as child abuse; there is a difference between a moment of shitty parenting and child abuse, and that woman is on the shitty end of the stick. Conservative arguments for religious liberty permit actual child abuse to be ignored by the law as well as for neglect when a parent doesn’t believe in basic medical care; I find the pearl clutching at this woman’s minor league bullying to be overwrought.

Huck, I am a working class white person and I can tell you that often we can be a bunch of anti-intellectual racists and xenophobic homophobes who are ignorant crybabies that resent anyone we perceive to be smarter than we are; we stubbornly won’t dream of lifting ourselves higher because we only want to drag everything down to our level. We continue to vote for candidates who embrace the policies that have annihilated the economies of our towns and states because cheap appeals to our bigotry work better than a reasoned argument on us. We are dupes, chumps, and suckers when we are greedy, lazy, and small-minded. Donald Trump is lying to coal workers about getting their jobs back. I’m telling the truth. Who is being disrespectful to the white working class?


The new episode of the Dollop is very timely.

Sitting Bull was killed at Standing Rock by officers sent to arrest him. They were arresting him because they feared he was going to join the Ghost Dance Movement. It is the week of Thanksgiving and members of the Sioux Nation were attacked with tear gas and water cannons in below freezing temperatures by officers while protesting an oil pipeline being installed across their land and across the Missouri River within a mile of the Standing Rock Reservation.


Huck, I’m watching you call auntiestevi and myself “smug”. I get your point but there’s nothing auntiestevi is saying that is smug unless you count her tone of “I am informed and confident based on my rational assessment of objective fact” as being smug. Donald Trump was elected by the uneducated voters that he said he loved. What auntiestevi said was not a smug assertion of superiority but rather an accurate description of what happened. Telling someone they are being conned is not an act of smugness; there is certainly no gloating here by either of us. I was surprised that “smug” was not one of Gingrich’s contrasting words; it would be a fine addition to that list.

And this is what I mean about being crybabies, for God’s sake. Conservatives whine about “Political Correctness” in G-Major with an E in the bass, when that “Political Correctness” is really nothing more than Treating Others With Respect; they weep and moan that liberals are so mean to them just because they want to call people ugly names.

The reason this is filed under arguing with lunatics is because… …well, that’s what one does on teh internets.  If you review some of my most viewed posts it should become quite clear why I started including the arguing with lunatics category which is no more than a garment I’ve held up; you’re deciding if it’s cut to your fit. However, in the interest of goodwill and brotherhood I have added another category to the Teahouse Menu.

The Teahouse is my fortress of reason where there is no compromise of standards, only parley with those outside the moat. Comrade Trump’s New Decency will not hold sway within these walls as long as I have the strength to swing Sarcasticus.
He does not get points for flip flopping on his promise to jail Hillary because the promise itself was an egregious violation of decency and democracy; it’s the kind of thing third world dictators threaten to do.
His disavowal of the alt-right is absurd while Steve Bannon is his chief of staff and Jeff Sessions is his nominee for Attorney General. Words clearly have no meaning for Mr. Trump; only actions have any meaning and his actions thus far speak very clearly. The Nazis are exulting for a reason.

We are in an Imperials or Rebel Alliance moment here and for me there is no choice; Princess Leia stored data on private server. The DNC is not perfect by a longshot but they are all that the Republic has left.


Pictured: Princess Leia storing data on a private server.

Comrade Trump’s Trolls Want Your Soul

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One of the clues that fascists are taking over is that when they win they get even more angrily violent. Digby wrote an excellent essay examining this phenomenon and her explanation is chillingly accurate; her quotation of Abraham Lincoln is particularly relevant and I include here in full:

This, and this only: cease to call slavery wrong, and join them in calling it right. And this must be done thoroughly — done in acts as well as in words. Silence will not be tolerated — we must place ourselves avowedly with them. Senator Douglas’ new sedition law must be enacted and enforced, suppressing all declarations that slavery is wrong, whether made in politics, in presses, in pulpits, or in private. We must arrest and return their fugitive slaves with greedy pleasure. We must pull down our Free State constitutions. The whole atmosphere must be disinfected from all taint of opposition to slavery, before they will cease to believe that all their troubles proceed from us.

Until we agree with the goblins in their heads they will not be satisfied.

Huck, there is no end to the perfidy and deceit in our politics but I will not be part of any charade where we pretend there is some kind of equanimity between the two parties at this moment. Ignoring the influence of white nationalists in the White House and the role that racism is playing in our politics is something I am simply incapable of in the same way that I would have difficulty ignoring rats eating my face.

And if you want to call that “child abuse” let’s talk about Mike Huckabee and that sister diddling Duggar creep. And the loss of integrity by our media only serves Trump and his ilk.
Comrade Trump is preparing for a “victory tour” which is totally a normal thing that Presidents do, right?

Digby left us with a little bit more of what Lincoln had to say in the face of the implacable madness of his day;

Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.

Amen, Abe.


Comrade Trump’s Thugs.

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First of all it is likely that the “Rape Melania” sign was a dirty trick by a “deplorable” trying to make those protesting Trump look bad (please note that I am using the exact same source you did for the original story); regardless, a single sign held up by a single angry asshole does not a movement make. It certainly does not justify any equivalency between Trump and his supporters and those who oppose him. And really, if you want to get into picking individuals who suck, even if that asshole with the sign was an actual Democrat he’s no worse than this guy. Or this one. Or the sweethearts who do these things.

Likewise, angry children burning the flag are nothing to get worked up about; a flag is a bolt of cloth and what it represents cannot be desecrated by them. It does not please me that they do it and I would prefer that if they want to use the flag in protest they fly it upside down, signalling distress, which is far more appropriate than burning the flag. But then, if Trump had lost the Electoral College and had over a million more votes than HRC I’m sure his supporters would have demonstrated calm restraint and understanding.

And I’m not kidding about distress.
Russia Today, Huck? Seriously? How would Ronald Reagan feel about an American conservative using a Russian propaganda source in a political discussion? It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Why should anyone care about George Soros when American Conservatives are being taken in by a plot so ridiculous and obvious that the John Birch Society would have thought it cartoonish? So what if some college kids are protesting on a billionaire’s dime? Our national security is as stake.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the Soviet Union 2.0 and they just not only interfered in our Presidential election, but they bragged about it after applauding the result. The President Elect has not released his tax returns and there is reason to believe that he is heavily leveraged  by Russian oligarchs. One of his campaign managers was considered a security risk for his Russian connections. There’s a server in Trump Tower that talks to a Russian bank.

There are so many unacceptable things about Trump that it is dazzling; he has put white nationalism over country and found new ways to deepen the divides between Americans. I’m from Chicago, Huck. I know once you see the flash of metal you have to think tactically. There is no purity at the DNC but I would rather cast my lot with that ship of fools than the pack of thugs heading for the White House.



Comrade Trump’s Locusts

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I suppose the thing that makes most people nervous is that he will do the things he said he would do, even the contrary and nonsensical ones.

I suppose what makes me nervous is that nobody has any idea what he’s going to do, including him. He is going to become a president with unprecedented power, thanks to the majorities he brought into Congress; unless Obama does a recess appointment of Merrick Garland he is going to be holding onto a Supreme Court nominee from the get go. I suppose what makes me nervous is that he has demonstrated the stability of the Joker and the moral compass of Lex Luthor and he is going to be handed real, true temporal power over us all.

I suppose people are being either willfully stupid or are spectacularly naive when they say he’s going to be fine because in the past 36 hours he hasn’t grabbed anyone’s pussy or mockingly imitated someone with cerebral palsy. They seem to think the last seventy years of his life was just an elaborate act to craft the persona of a narcissist obsessed with fame and power who treated other people as objects and whose idea of business savvy was often simply fraud by another name; the real man is wise and sober of judgement, they assure us with fervent serenity. However, they are not calm; their panic causes them to freeze in the presence of a predator.

It is Veterans Day and the President Elect is a draft dodger who says he felt like he was in the military because he went to Exeter and compared avoiding catching an sexually transmitted disease to serving in Vietnam. He said of a POW who spent six years being tortured by the Vietcong that he preferred soldiers who don’t get caught. As of a few months ago he didn’t even know what a Gold Star family was while he was in the middle of denigrating one. He calls our generals “idiots” while demonstrating the same grasp of military tactics as a fifteen year old playing Risk. He has an extremely suspicious relationship with Russia that he has lied about. Now he is the Commander in Chief of our armed forces.

I have been warning for years about the Jezekiah Grasshoppers but now they have swarmed into Trump’s Locusts. The Klan is on the march and the Nazis are wanking themselves bloody. Kenny, you should join and I’m going to try to figure out the way I can be most effective; we have a large circle of quiet underachievers that we need to awaken, embolden, and activate for duty. We are not in the future, we are in the present our entire lives have been preparing us for.


We are all Trump’s Chumps now.

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Keep calm and carry on.

Once when I was in Rome I had to drag a young man away from a three card monte operator as he pointed at a guy who looked like the hustler’s cousin and yelled, “but that guy just won!”

A chump is never more certain of not being a chump as when they are getting ripped off. When I hear people who voted for Trump talk about how they believe what he says I hear the same certainty of someone who just agreed to a game of cups and balls on the subway. Some are the people who want the salesman to like them. Others imagine Jesus to be Young Santa Claus. Too many of them think because they are racist and cynical they understand the world. They get everything backwards and resent people who go forwards.

All it took for our Christians to overlook his grotesque hedonistic sexual self-indulgence and general immorality was his overt racism. These gleeful hypocrites are raising a Beast to rule over us; perhaps they find their soft reflections in its golden hooves more pleasing than the sight of Christ on the Cross. Several months ago I privately shared Revelation 13:5 with Kenny, which reads, “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months.”

To be honest, it gives me chills and while I don’t believe Revelations can or should be read literally, one would think that people who purportedly love the Bible so much more than everyone else wouldn’t need me to make the connection. On the other hand, it does guarantee he’s a one-term President.

My faith has been quite centering and I am actually feeling quite positive and vitally alive; I am a rebel by nature and spent no time wallowing in self-pity. I am rallying my forces and sounding the alarm. I am going to stand my ground and provide safety for all those I can. I am going to fight ignorance and intolerance in every way that I can. I am going to work harder for the Democrats than I ever have before in my life. I am going to support joy, art and peace while countering Trumpism however I can.

My unlimited love to you all (Keep calm and carry on),

Winston Delgado
November 9, 2016

Nothing to do with the Cubs

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Schroedinger’s cat is walking parallel to me
undecided and full of omens
sidling through my peripheral vision
in the blind spot of chance
don’t notice it yet
don’t observe it

Here Upon this Bank and Shoal in Time

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It’s the first night of October, a Saturday and I’m here in the house alone except for Rosie at my feet. She’s our gorgeous Rottweiler puppy who has brought even more delight into my life. Mama Julia and Little Tony are out with her mother overnight and I find myself in possession of unexpected free time, so I thought I would write to you, my neglected loves.

Thanks to Donald Trump the grasshoppers are swarming themselves into locusts and people are only now starting to notice the growing danger they pose. The so-called “alt-right” is nothing new, they’ve just grown bold as hate since Trump dropped the standard of acceptable public discourse into the sewer. A little over eight years ago I attracted the attention of white supremacist websites such as Stormfront and I got a clear look at the crazy racist rage that is fueling Trump’s base today.

I just threw some Zeppelin on. Loud. I’m having a nice big bowl of tea. Green tea. Some artisanal shit called “Bubblemango Haze”, I think. Tasty.
I cannot imagine how anyone who is actually thinking of voting for him would even read this far down, really, so I know I’m preaching to the choir; I will at least try to be edifying. I’ve kept Sarcasticus more or less in his sheath lately because I’ve been fighting the good fight in different ways; making racist trolls cry uncle is fun but it doesn’t make enough of a difference in the big picture. Instead, I’ve been redoubling my efforts in the real world to make the changes I want to see happen, at least in small ways.

I’m directing a production of “Macbeth” that will go up the weekend before the election; it’s themes of power and the consequences of immoral and unworthy people attaining it are especially timely. It is being staged in a very straightforward way that seeks to make the story clear and keeps it in its time and place; there will be no gangsters, Nazis or Klingons running amok. In terms of casting I have taken a ‘blind’ approach to gender and race; my Macbeth is neither white nor male while Lady Macbeth is being played by an actor who is both. This is not an arbitrary decision emerging from my lefty politics but rather an aesthetic choice made from my interaction with the text over a span of decades as well as my own philosophical views in the art of acting, including why I don’t use the term “actress”, instead using “actor” to refer to all of my performers for the simple reason that it is accurate to do so. The role of the actor is to perform the actions of the script as directed by the director. We do not call female directors “directresses” (although to my surprise, when spellcheck did not correct that term I just now discovered that term does technically exist) or women writers “writeresses” (F*** YOU COLLINS DICTIONARY!) and since any well-trained actor should be able to play a wide variety of characters with depth and nuance it makes no sense to discriminate regarding the gender of the performing artist because we don’t call female artists “artresses” (I CHECKED!). Of course, it’s not as if this is first production of a Shakespeare play with women playing male characters (and Lady Macbeth was originally played by a teenaged boy, after all) and that’s why it is being done without comment in terms of the program and marketing; I am not seeking to be avant garde but rather the mere standard of adequacy.

The rehearsals are going well. Maybe I will get to write a little more in the morning about it. The tea made me sleepy and it’s late. I’m going to walk Rosie and let her sleep in bed with me tonight.

My unlimited love to y’all,