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I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been writing a thing for the Clown Factory so I’ve been on discipline which means no blogging until I finish the thing.

But I snuck away to whisper to you.

Little dude got tubes in his ears a couple of weeks ago. There has never been an experience in my life like watching him wheeled away to surgery. On any given day it’s like watching my heart running around on chubby toddler legs but this was a whole new level of vulnerable. It was quick and went without a hitch and he has responded beautifully; he has been playing with his piano every night since.

I have to go back to work. May your Tuesday be fat.


The Problem With Chomsky #NoamChomsky

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I read the Noam Chomsky essay you suggested and I’m glad I did as it makes clear to me that my political disagreements with him are profound and foundational even while we share many opinions. His arguments are academic and prove themselves through their own logic while ignoring the pragmatic messiness of reality; it is easy to fix the world on a chalkboard. This isn’t to say that he makes bad points but rather that he is arguing from a perspective that holds to an ideal that I don’t agree with because I find it unrealistic.

Actually, he does make bad points. In comparing the behavior of the West regarding the Charlie Hebdo attacks, he recalls the NATO attack on Serb RTV (the Serbian National Radio and Television station) which killed 16 journalists and he complains that the only person prosecuted for their deaths was the station manager, a man named Dragoljub Milanović, who failed to evacuate the building. What Chomsky doesn’t mention is that it was documented in court that Milanovic ordered the journalists to stay in the building because they had been warned by NATO the building was a target; the genocidal regime of Slobodan Milosevic wanted their deaths to be used as propaganda against NATO action in Serbia. This is the problem I have with liberal academics who would rather win an obtuse argument than reduce actual human suffering; in order for Chomsky to be right, there can be no ethical difference between the NATO action against Serb RTV and the attack on Charlie Hebdo by what is apparently a terrorist cell backed by Al Qaeda in Yemen. This is a patently absurd position that can only be taken seriously by someone so in love with their own intellect that it never occurs to them that their pontifications may not actually be infallible.

This is not to say that he doesn’t have a point about the violence we wreak about the world in order to keep ourselves propped up as a superpower; however, he just wrings his hands and cites himself rather than offer any insight beyond the United States and the West are just terrible racists who are terrible, just terrible. Slobodan Milosevic and his gang were committing genocide against Bosnian Muslims and we intervened on the side of the Muslims; how does that figure into his narrative? It doesn’t, so he doesn’t mention it. He neglects to mention that Serb RTV was broadcasting propaganda and information that was directly leading to the rapes, mutilation, and mass murder of the civilian Muslim population that NATO was trying to protect; all Chomsky does is weep academic tears for poor Dragoljub, who ordered his employees to stay in a building he knew was going to be bombed so that Milosevic could carry out his genocide in peace. The act of sanitizing a fact can make for sloppy reasoning.

This is why Chomsky’s essay is nothing more than a contrarian cry for attention; he tries to sharpen his point by burying it in bullshit which admittedly has been shat out quite eloquently, regardless, it is still a very poor method of tempering an argument. Noam Chomsky is a very intelligent man but he cannot contain the entire world within his head; the world is contradictory and complicated and refuses to obey the theories of academics who insist they can explain it all with a clever enough thesis. While I am absolutely open to and happy to participate in a critique of the moral hypocrisy of the West, his assertion that ‘our’ terrorism is equivalent to ‘their’ terrorism is a timid cliche’ masquerading as a bold statement that should only be taken seriously by sophomores after their third bong hit. This is not to say that liberal academia is useless but rather this is how it makes itself useless.

And don’t even get me started on Anarcho-Syndicalism…

It’s funny, because this is definitely one of those cases where my liberal friends think I’m a closet fascist even as my conservative ones think that I’m ready to collectivize Wall St.

I look forward to hearing from you. I miss you.


planting a seed

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you witched me tonight
with a quick glimpse i blushed shy
charmed days in the life

Casting My Pearls All Over the Place #JeSuisCharlie

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The problem with the whole ‘white guys bullying minorities’ narrative in this case is that the staff of Charlie Hebdo was mocking the people who would eventually murder them at their desks. That is absolutely speaking truth to power. I am speaking here as someone who has gotten under the skins of the mouthbreathers at ‘Stormfront'; white people are allowed to have opinions and even criticize murderous terrorists who use religion as a cover for their evil. There is nothing wrong with pointing at something that you think is fucked up and saying, “that there is fucked up.” What is wrong is ignoring the fucked up thing because you don’t want people to fuck you up for noticing it.

I know, language. I’m always fucking myself up like that. Was it necessary for me to tell Jacob and Sandip to jack themselves into drooling ecstasy? Yes, and I thought it was done tastefully. I refuse to neuter a discourse on the virtues of rudeness and blasphemy, but then, nobody is asking me to write for Vanity Fair so what do I know? I know that my writing has rough edges and I mostly smooth them away; in this case I polished that fucker like a shiv. I crafted that anal-bead masturbation joke with loving care. Someone who reads it and doesn’t laugh isn’t going to appreciate the rest of what I’m talking about anyway. And that’s okay; I’m not writing for everybody all the time. That’s why my favorite posts to write here are the letters to my friends; it doesn’t feel like I’m on a soapbox in Bughouse Park pontificating to the birds.

Back to Charlie Hebdo. Is it racist for people in the US to have an opinion about the terror and violence of the Mexican cartels? If I drew a cartoon condemning the President of Mexico for his role in the corruption of his government would I be in a no go zone? I say absolutely not. While it is very easy to drift into stereotypes and racist tropes when commenting on things outside of your immediate culture that doesn’t mean it automatically happens. Likewise, while observing other cultures it is very easy to get things mixed up and to read the signals all wrong. The cultural tensions in France are very real and it is not automatically xenophobic to talk about it plainly. I am familiar with the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo from the ongoing controversy and the work of Cabu in particular. I can say with confidence that the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were not right wing racists spreading hateful propaganda.

So yes, before doing a quick Google search to find something he didn’t understand and hopping on his ‘That’s Racist’ high horse half cocked to ride off crying ignorant slander upon the dead, Jacob should have had himself a real good wank. I stand by that advice, my friend, and recommend it to everyone; the thing with the pearls is optional.

My unlimited love,


And yeah, Neil does nail it.

The Virtues of Rudeness and Blasphemy #JeSuisCharlie #JeSuisAhmed #JacobCanfield #SandipRoy

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As people such as Jacob Canfield and Sandip Roy have noted, Charlie Hebdo could be obnoxious and rude, and the magazine’s humor could be characterized as xenophobic. Neither of these writers are suggesting that the victims in this case deserved to be murdered, but that it is inappropriate to share their work in the wake of the murder as these cartoons are terrible, no-good, incendiary, racist, sexist, homophobic, and even more regressively reactionary than the Three Stooges. They have judged them to be Bad Satire because of their offensive nastiness and extraordinary rudeness; furthermore, they have judged the creators at Charlie Hebdo to be ‘racist assholes’ and characterized their humor as ‘punching down’ at the marginalized and oppressed. At this point I would urge both Jacob and Sandip to take the pearls they are clutching and shove them deeply into their rectums, whereupon they should slowly withdraw them one by one while furiously masturbating so as to produce a toe-curling orgasm that might help them clear their heads.

"Love is Stronger Than Hate"

“Love is Stronger Than Hate”

I don’t see how it is ‘punching down’ to mock people who are willing and able to kill you. I don’t see how the ‘Love is Stronger than Hate’ cover is homophobic. I don’t see how mocking violent fundamentalists is somehow wrong, nor do I see mocking religion itself as a wrong thing to do; in fact, I believe these are necessary and good things to do. Mocking the violent believer is not mockery of a religion, and mocking a religion does not mock God. Besides, blasphemy, or mockery of the sacred, serves a higher purpose; if a belief cannot endure the breeze of laughter then one should not try to cling to it. Lies are polite and the truth is rude; this is what makes blasphemy cut so deeply into the minds of fundamentalists. Trying to maintain a primitive mindset in the face of modernity is ultimately futile but that does not make the primitives any less dangerous as they are willing to use modern technology to recreate the idyllic Dark Age Fantasylands or bring about apocalyptic daydream Tomorrowlands. People who reject reason and embrace violence in the name of their imaginary friends need to be mocked in the hope that they will hear the truth in our blasphemy and come in out of the wilderness.

The Prophet Mohammed Overwhelmed by Terrorists

‘The Prophet Mohammed Overwhelmed by Terrorists’

The ministry of Jesus was blasphemous from the Parable of the Good Samaritan to His healing of the sick; it’s why He was killed.  My answer to the question, ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ is ‘go drinking with hookers and bust up a church’. The teachings of the Buddha are blasphemous, as they reject notions of good, evil, or God running it all. Mohammed was blaspheming against the old tribal gods of his people when he had them removed from the Kaaba and reconsecrated it to Allah. Martin Luther, Galileo, and Dr King were all blasphemers, speaking unspeakable truths to their fellows. The Charlie Hebdo cartoon of a fundamentalist terrorist beheading the Prophet who he is accusing of being an infidel is spot on satire that speaks an unbearable truth to the religious terrorist; people who do violence in the name of the Prophet are doing violence to the Prophet.

Click to enlarge

“If Mohammed Returned” “I am the Prophet, fool!” “Shut up, infidel!”

I understand the taboo against portraying Mohammed or for that matter, any representation of a human being in Islamic art; that taboo does not apply to non-Muslims. I also want to point out that one of the police officers who was murdered by the terrorists was a Muslim and that countless Muslims and Islamic have condemned the attack in the strongest terms possible. When I talk about a primitive mindset, I am talking about individuals that believe images have some sort inherent power or magic about them; there is no racial or other bias in this word as the primitive mindset can be found everywhere. Just months before the Taliban was blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan with rocket launchers, Mayor Giuliani was trying to get a painting of the Virgin Mary removed from the Brooklyn Museum. The primitive mindset does not belong to any particular religion, race or whatever; it is embraced by people everywhere who think that they can make the world a better place if they burn this book or that painting, or that by killing they are doing the will of God.

"Charlie Hebdo Should Be Veiled!:

“Charlie Hebdo Should Be Veiled!”

Either everything is fair game or nothing is. Bad satire makes you feel comfortable and smug; good satire unsettles and goes places you’re not supposed to. This is not to say that being offensive is equivalent to being good satire because it takes no effort to be crude, thoughtless, and juvenile. It does mean, however, that in order to protect the good satire we have to protect that which is crude, thoughtless, and juvenile as well. If Charlie Hebdo was merely thoughtless crude racism produced by assholes they would have fled after the first firebombing or would not have even been targeted in the first place; it is because their pens found their mark that the madmen came to kill them. But in doing so, the primitive minds of the killers only made Charlie Hebdo more powerful than they could possibly imagine, because from now until the end of my days every time I hear the name of the Prophet Mohammed, this will be the face I attach to it:

I think he's adorable.

I think he’s adorable.

These are the images they were murdered for. #JeSuisCharlie

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The Prophet Mohammed Overwhelmed by Terrorists

‘The Prophet Mohammed Overwhelmed by Terrorists’ “It’s hard to be loved by idiots.” This was the issue that had 12 different cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed that made Charlie Hebdo a target of Islamic terrorists.

charlie h 2

“Charlie Hebdo must be veiled”

charlie h 3

“100 Lashes if you don’t die of laughter” The Prophet Mohammed as guest editor.

charlie h 4

“Love is Stronger than Hate”

charlie h 5

“Untouchables 2″ “Must not Mock!”

charlie h 6

“If Mohammed Returned” “I am the Prophet, fool!” “Shut up, infidel!”


Je Suis Charlie #JeSuisCharlie

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This shook me this morning. I think I need to make a cartoon today. I haven’t done that it a while.Vive la France.


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