2 + 2 = 4

Trump and his allies are straight up gaslighting everyone about the Russian hack; they are counting on the paralysis of decency to work in their favor. By baldly denying the conclusions of every American intelligence agency in favor of the assertions of Julian Assange (a person whom Trump previously described as a traitor who should be executed) Trump is achieving the unthinkable in broad daylight; they have colluded with a hostile foreign power to steal an election. There is no scenario in which he or his various sycophants are speaking honestly or truthfully about this or nearly any other subject for that matter. Anyone who believes otherwise is either hopelessly gullible, willfully denying reality or recently arrived from another planet. These are people who hate their imaginary version of people like me so much that they are willing to swallow Russian propaganda and inflict Trump on all of us out of sheer spite. Our body politic has swallowed so much bullshit  that we’re going into toxic shock.

You could drown in the stories of incompetence, malfeasance, and criminally dangerous recklessness  of the incoming Trump Administration.

In 1984 Smith writes in his diary that “freedom is the freedom to say  two plus two equals four; if that is granted, all else follows”. Trump, Putin and their thralls are a threat to that freedom. I sincerely hope that four years from now I am able to look back on this post and laugh about what a hysterical ninny I was being.

That’s some weak sauce, Huck. It is as if you are saying the only choice we have is the incoming band of traitors, thieves and toadies or mendacious bureaucrats who only serve themselves. These are the kinds of false equivalencies that put us in this mess; the outgoing administration is a fine counter to either of your choices. And besides, if you go to the ice cream man and says all he has left is mint chocolate chip or a rabid badger with scabies, do you really have that hard of a time making a choice? I mean, some people think mint chocolate chip is nasty, but it is still ice cream.



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