They are Not “Alt Right” They are Brownshirts.

I’ve left unpublished maybe a dozen posts from the past month. My favorite title among them is, “Comrade Castro Passes, Comrade Trump Ascends, Comrade Putin Knows No Boundaries & Now the 20th Century Ends”.
That was when Castro died over the same weekend that Putin “joked” that Russia has no boundaries.

I had an uncle who was a Chicago cop who used to say, “when you don’t know what to do, don’t do nothin'”.

So I’ve been watching and listening.

A New Axis of White Nationalism is forming with poles running through Moscow and Donald Trump’s office. It is particularly anti-Islamic, which explains why, despite the prevalence of anti-semitism among his supporters, Trump is utterly supportive of the apartheid forces in Israel that are building settlements and attempting to obliterate any hope of a two state solution. It runs through the Phillipines where Duterte has murdered over ten thousand of his citizens under the presumption they are drug dealers without any due process. It runs through European nations where nostalgia for jackboots and marching is apparently in resurgence.

We will have an attorney general who does not believe in civil rights and has said that the worst thing about the Klan was that some of them used drugs. The Chief Strategist is a white supremacist and anti-semite who writes rhapsodies to totalitarianism. We will have a Secretary of Energy  who wants to eliminate that department of the government. We will have Secretary of Education who has fought to destroy the public school system her entire adult life. We will have a Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who doesn’t really think he’s qualified for the job, because he’s not. The Secretary of State has almost as many conflicts of interest as the President-elect, who is going to continue to be an executive producer of Celebrity Apprentice among many other things. My pal Angry Wako pointed out to me in a message that

if the trump tweets can cause a specific company stock to fall sharply, any pre-knowledge of a tweet event could have been used by someone shorting the stock of the abused company.

The SEC should be compelled to look into trades that specifically profited from the fall in a Trump-targeted company stock and if those trades benefited Trump, a Trump family member, a Trump controlled company or a Trump associate.

Trump and his coterie are easily that venal, but there are only currently three commissioners because, surprise, the GOP blocked Obama’s appointments for years. So that means right off the bat Trump will personally be able to appoint two commissioners and then a third in 2017. So, those tweets are going to happen but I don’t think investigations will get very far.

If you felt a sick pit in your stomach as you read that, you are having an appropriate response.

Look at what is happening in North Carolina, where the GOP is trying to rewrite the rules of their state so that the incoming Democratic governor will be nothing more than a figurehead. For the next two years Donald Trump is going to have the freest hand imaginable in modern history and he is going to be surrounded with people who think what is happening in North Carolina makes a fine blueprint. But that shouldn’t be surprising because all this has happened before and will happen again. (I strongly recommend you click that link and check out that podcast as well as anything else over at the Dollop-very informational and incredibly entertaining at the same time.) What happened there was that a coup by white supremacists in Wilmington, North Carolina brought about the so-called “Restoration” by obliterating everything that had been accomplished by freed blacks and liberals during the period of Reconstruction. When you see Newt Gingrich gloating about Obama’s legacy being completely undone you are hearing the echoes of politicians who voted Jim Crow laws into being.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.
History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.

Last week the Pakistani Defense Minister threatened Israel with a nuclear strike over a fake news Russian propaganda story. Trump is talking about a massive buildup of nuclear weapons and doesn’t seem to appreciate or grasp the consequences of using them.

I have had Evangelical Christians tell me they voted for him because they thought it would surely bring Jesus back. I have to admit, Revelations 13:5 comes back to me every time I see his face. I actually can laugh at this because if Jesus were actually to come back I am sure they would not be nearly as happy about it as I would be.

To criticize or merely report factually about Trump results in a barrage of death threats, threats of rape and of kidnapping. When we call them “Nazi” and “Brownshirt” they get tiny erections but I don’t care if it thrills them, it’s accurate. They are nihilists overflowing with toxic masculinity and narcissism, which is why they often refer to Trump as their God Emperor; they are not being entirely ironic; they want to surrender themselves to an authoritarian tyrant for the lulz.

When I was doing regular standup on my old blog I would note where I would be appearing while pointing out that because of the stage lights I wouldn’t be able to see you coming at all, so if you wanted to take a shot at me that would be your best opportunity. I don’t think I would make that joke today. Not because I’m afraid, but because it’s not funny anymore.

In the days to come all of us are going to be tested. Our faith, our values, our very idea of what liberty and freedom mean are going to be challenged on a fundamental level. If we can be brave and wise, if we can be calm and cool, if we can retain our intellect and savior faire, we can overcome. Be strong.

My unlimited love to y’all,


3 Responses to “They are Not “Alt Right” They are Brownshirts.”

  1. I have no faith left in people. But I do believe this guy’s going to do something so asinine that even the GOP lawmakers, who are willing to risk damaging the system if it gives them an advantage, will feel a need to remove him.

    • Afterward all of the establishment politicians will proudly shake hands and summarily vote themselves a pay raise. And they all lived happily ever after.

  2. […] That’s some weak sauce, Huck. It is as if you are saying the only choice we have is the incoming band of traitors, thieves and toadies or mendacious bureaucrats who only serve themselves. These are the kinds of false equivalencies that put us in this mess; the outgoing administration is a fine counter to either of your choices. And besides, if you go to the ice cream man and says all he has left is mint chocolate chip or a rabid badger with scabies, do you really have that hard of a time making a choice? I mean, some people think mint chocolate chip is nasty, but it is still ice cream. […]

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