Apocalypse Calypso Contest (Inaugural Poem 2017)

An angry cheer from the angry ants
celebrating their glorious victory
full of hate and mean ignorance
they joylessly jeer in vulgar rhapsody
to tuneless tunes they awkwardly dance
where they leer and preen their audacity

Among them slouches a vulgar beast
that they praise in glory the highest
at their center slouches a vulgar beast
hosting their Apocalypse Calypso Contest
they know it will be more fun at least
than Beach Party Vietnam and Cambodia Fest

The Cold War Clambake was a dud
and the Civil War Costume Gala
was one hell of a house wrecking thud
that fills them with imagined nostalgia
except for the part where we let in the thugs
but this time around they’ll work out the bugs.

Lost in reveries of power and fame
impressed with their own fine finery
they indulge themselves without any shame
they’ll drink all the wine in the winery
then the vulgar beast with a wave of his claw
turns the water to vodka while mocking the law

They gyrate obscenely for their fresh spawn’d abyss king
who gawks and gapes with lecherous glee
while they shower each other in their territorial pissing
the vulgar beast wallows in delight so filthy
the stain might never come out of the fabric
no other clown ever achieved something more tragic


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