About the Teahouse

The Teahouse of the Furious Buddha has been the name of the commentary section of my old site for many years, and when I decided to to start a more conventional blog last year I kept the name. There are regular readers and commenters here but it’s definitely an ‘open’ site in the sense that anyone can comment on anything they like. I enjoy talking about anything but there are obviously some topics I return to more than others. I also enjoy engaging in debate and argument with people who radically disagree with me as I find these interactions more educational and enlightening than chatting with those who do. The comments are unmoderated in the sense that I don’t censor or edit anything but the most vile and ignorant profanities. I certainly don’t mind personal attacks as long as they are leveled at me-I won’t tolerate anyone trying to bully my friends or guests. In any case, I’d rather talk about ideas anyway.

Enjoy your tea time.  

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