What Do You Think You Are Saluting? @NRA

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As the national death toll from gun violence since the Newtown massacre approaches 500 goes past 520, the semi-adults who desperately don’t want to lose their precious toys that they use to play make-believe are fighting hard to make sure that everything stays just the way it is. The two middle aged twits American citizens pictured above are saluting the Illinois House for pulling an assault weapons ban from consideration this legislative session. Afterward, Decatur resident and enthusiastic pretend soldier-man Nathan Moyar (pictured above) gave an interview in which he states that he is a loser whose frustrations with his tiny and barely functioning penis fill him with rage and fear he is a patriotic American who has sworn on his grandfathers grave that he will defend ‘freedom’.

Apparently, ‘freedom’ means having a ludicrous arsenal that doesn’t make anyone safer, but provides insecure man-children with a prosthetic replacement for their own stunted and ineffective members. For anyone who has actually read the Constitution and is familiar with the history of the founding of this nation it is difficult to comprehend how any reasonable person would equate owning an assault rifle with ‘freedom’, but then, as has been pointed out, we are not debating reasonable people

This is not to say that nobody can be armed and that we must all join hands and sing hymns to the glories of multicultural tantric transgender tofu festivals, although it does seem that is what the other side of the debate is hearing. Dishonest half-baked memes about hammers are not an argument, however, and I have to admit I’m not hearing much else from the other side of the debate at this point.

Let me put it this way; I can think of things to do with a hammer besides murder. In fact, unless I am horribly mistaken, the primary and secondary intended uses of hammers have nothing to do with killing people. On the other hand, assault rifles are really shitty for getting nails to stay in wood, and have only one primary intended use, which is to shoot bullets at high velocity very accurately one after another very quickly. What I would really like to hear, which I am not, is a justification for characterizing such weapons as an ‘essential freedom’.

44 Responses to “What Do You Think You Are Saluting? @NRA”

  1. This morning when I checked the death toll of Americans by gun had gone up to 588.

    • How many of these were self defense, suicide, by police…Tens of millions of American gun owners didn’t kill anyone and never will.

      It is sad that the author seem to have to demean anyone that he doesn’t agree with such as “semi-adults”. Shows signs of superiority complex. Any one with a different view is obviously stupid. It simply means the author refuses to understand another valid point of view.

      First, there were 262 million people murdered by their own government in just the 20th century. “democide” So that is not a serious concern, huh?
      What is your solution to this problem?

      There are also criminals in this world that will do harm to other people. Your ideas will disarm women that enjoy the liberty of going for a jog making her prey to any rapist. It would deny people protection in their own homes.
      What is your solution to this problem?

      Law breakers that use guns do not obey the law. They will find ways of acquiring or making guns. “zipgun” Has the war on drugs stopped drugs? Did prohibition stop alcohol? Has government stopped slavery? (12 to 27 million slaves in the world today) Has the government stopped robbery? Has government stopped extortion? (it is now in the extortion business) Has government stopped genocide? (Racist Sanger’s planned parenthood has succeeded in more black babies being aborted in 2008 NYC than were born.)
      What is your solution to these problems?

      It is the people that are the first line of defense in their lives. The 100 pound woman with a gun can defend herself from the 250 pound attacker. It is the neighbor with a gun hearing her scream that can back her up. Most unarmed people will not get involved if they hear someone screaming for help. The criminal knows this.
      What is your solution to this problem?

      Right to life liberty and property apply to every individual, until they infringe on the rights of another. Your careless disregard for the life of any individual law abiding citizen to be able to defend themselves is shameful.

      A woman in Texas testified before congress that government intimidated her to leave her weapon in the car. She and her mother and father were eating in a restaurant with a bunch of other unarmed victims when a man crashed his vehicle through the wall and started killing people. If any one person had been armed, many of these 23 dead people would still be alive. Both her parents were murdered. “Luby’s massacre” If the video of Suzanna Hupp testifying before congress doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you are heartless and a lost cause.

      Do you know why you seldom hear of mass murderers stopped by armed citizens? Because they are stopped before they become mass murder.

      This utopian fantasy of a safer world without guns ignores human nature and is unachievable. Why do we have guns? because they became the most effective equalizer to the bow and arrow, the sword, the knife, the bully, the dictator, against other guns, … They are a tool. A tool of defense, of hunting, of pleasure.

      The recidivism rate of a dead rapist is zero. It corrects human nature. To use a leftist meme, the murderer could be the next Picasso, well so could the victim.

  2. christopher Says:

    2nd amendment states a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Now with this being said im only hoping that you’ve never read the constitution and that your really not that ignorant, it clearly mandates citizens to own guns to respond to emergencies requiring the common citizens help such as terrorism, invasion, and tyrannical government. How can you fight against an enemy with a single shot .22 ??? I rest my case 🙂

  3. christopher Says:

    united states federal law H.R. 11654 and illinois state constitution (all state constitutions have a similar law) state we the common citizen are the militia and must be ready to respond to emergencies, this is america’s greatest defence so much so when on militia duty your exempt from arrest IL constitution article XII militia sec. 5

  4. christopher Says:

    now as to your deplorable and childish comments, have you ever heard of self projection ??? Of course you haven’t, your obviously to under educated. Its a mental self defence in which you project the feelings of who you are onto others so you dont have to face the reality that your describing yourself. And i thank you for setting such a perfect example for us to reference. I have a Ph.D which means im a philosophical doctor……education, try it some time.

  5. christopher Says:

    p.s. Chicago has a gun ban, you know what else it has ? The highest gun crime victim rate in illinois. Plain and simply put, you disarm citizens they become easy targets, you take away law abiding citizens guns then only criminals will have guns, it takes a special kind of stupid to believe criminals follow will gun laws. Further more four out of five (#5 being unarmed firemen) of the recent mass shootings were all “”gun free zones””

  6. christopher Says:

    now lets not forget the “”battle of athens”” where thousands of armed citizens HAD TO take down a corrupt local government that was murdering citizens, stealing votes, and falsly arresting/fining innocent people to fund there tyrannical greed after recieving no response from the multiple reports and filings for help from federal investigators. Please inform us as to how this could of been stopped without armed citizens considering the federal government refused to help.

  7. christopher Says:

    “”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort, to defend themselves from tyrannical government”” – thomas jefferson. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in america is to survive”” ronald regan. “”Each of us has a natural right from god to defend his person, his liberty, and his property.”” – frederic bastiat. “”when any nation distrusts its citizens with guns its sending a clear message it no longer trusts its citizens because such government has evil plans”” – george washington. “”we the people are the rightfull masters of both congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who would pervert the constitution”” -A.lincoln

  8. christopher Says:

    “”those who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security”” – benjamin franklin……now dont you feel stupid furious.fairy ? If not, then your obviously to stupid to realize you should feel stupid. Just some facts for you to choke on.

  9. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    I have one thing to say to tyrants such as you trying to disarm its victims, AUDENTES FORTUNA JUVAT, MOLON LABE ! III%

  10. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    now on to the amendment 5. to H.B. 1263, quoted statements from this bill that are clear declarations of war on american citizens – “”the department of state police shall take all steps necessary to carry out the requirements of this section within 150 days after the effective date”” < open statement that can be interpreted to justify warrantless searches, and even murder of american citizens to steal there property. ""the department shall promulgate ANY rules it may deem necessary to carry out the provisions of this subsection, and MAY UTILIZE EMERGENCY RULE MAKING under section 5-45 of the illinois administrative procedure act"" < speaks for itself, cops can just open there mouths and create rules which are law !!!

  11. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    seeing as how this could of set a national standard, you and every american owe this “”pretend soldier man”” (as you so childishly call him like your a pre schooler) and every man or woman who fought this, a great debt of gratitude for stopping what would of been a most certain civil war ! But thanks to people like this who fight tyranny you have freedom of speech so its really up to you if you want to be a respectable man and thank him for possibly saving the lives of thousands of innocent people from a tyrannical act of war by corrupt politicians.

  12. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    I was there, i helped fight this act of war, i know the facts. Now i ask this, if it was such a great bill according to your extremely obvious lack of education, then why did the corrupted democrats do there best to sneak this bill through quickly with such deception and in such secrecy ??? thanks to those who fight for america, we have freedom of opinion so lets try to honor them by at least keeping our opinions educated otherwise you bring shame not only on yourself, your family, and your friend’s, but also all of america and its citizens. Now i’ll let you get back to slobbering on yourself while playing with your coloring book, and dont forget to put your helmet on so not to hurt yourself there cupcake 🙂

  13. Can anybody tell me why is it that they always say ‘I rest my case’ and then post another 10 times? Or they say ‘I have one thing to say to you’ and then say so much more? And why do they always claim to have a PHD? And why are they so desperate to frame themselves as if they are part of some kind of military when they totally lack the balls to actually serve?

    I have so many questions. I think the easiest way to deal with this is it’s very own post. Nathan, I don’t have a lot of time, but you have been kind enough to share your thoughts with me, so I will reciprocate.

  14. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    once again you have provided us with a great example of ignorance before speaking mr furious fairy, i quote your words “”anyone who’s actually read the constitution and is familiar with the history of the founding of this nation, (which you so obviously have not read and are not familiar with furious fairy) it is difficult to comprehend how person would equate owing assault rifle’s with freedom”” < whats obviously difficult is for you to comprehend anything. ""what i'd really like to see, which i am not, is a justification for characterizing weapons as an essential liberty"" < so the use of not one weapon has won us liberty in any war according to you furious fairy. Now on that subject alone i rested my case if you had the intelligence to comprehend lmao.

  15. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    by the way since you have such difficulty reading and understanding simple words, to everyone else who can understand, my name is “”christopher”” not mr nathan moyer as this idiot has so ignorantly and mistakenly said. Now on to the other matters, you have eight years in which to recieve all credits needed to get a Ph.D thus its called an eight year degree, i recieved all credits in 6 and a half years from lincoln land, and UIS, im sorry that my education is such a threat to your obvious lack of education, and further more I SERVED MY COUNTRY as a marine corps as an E-4 P.I.G. in parris island so talk when you have the facts straight, that seems to be your major problem here furious fairy.

  16. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    Now as an expert on social psychology my diagnosis of your childish tantrums are most likely caused by mommy never wanting you and daddy never loving you, and i couldn’t help but notice, i answered every one of your questions in your statements which made you look as ignorant as you are and then some yet you have not one answer to any of my questions ??? Or a response to de-bunk them ??? Exactly mr. Furious fairy ! Now also take note not one person has cared enough to read and comment on your ignorance of any of your posts on any subject except for me because your pure ignorance insults you itself, i just added my comments as an extra bit to laugh at you about on top of your extremely laughable and ignorantly stated comments, im lmmfao at @ you, Hahaha.

  17. Christopher aka American Patriot ! Says:

    so now dont you feel dumb 🙂 but if not, we know why as i stated above. p.s. I typed out at and @ because im just not sure at this point if you have ever taken the time to learn english or if you just waist your whole life using internet lingo to put others down to feel better about your own pathetic life which you so obviously live out online and not offline while pushing buttons like a key board commando. Seriously man you need a life, i just read all the hundreds of other ignorant, childish, and purely uneducated (even more beyond this pre-teen style rant) jibberish, i understand you cant get laid but im going to fill you in here, there’s things call hookers that will even sleep with the likes of you. Go lose your virginity before its to late.

  18. […] me begin by saying how grateful I am for your many comments and contributions; when my friends and readers tell me how much they agree with me it is pleasant but not […]

  19. […] The article about Nathan Moyar that I was criticizing came from the Chicago Tribune. He put himself front and center of a critical political debate and expressed a strong opinion that directly effects the lives and safety of my loved ones; he has made himself available for interviews and seems eager to have attention paid to himself. So I am obliging him. If he is such a big tough pretend army man with such big scary guns who is fighting in a war against tyranny, surely the words of stupid fairy virgin should just bounce off his freakishly enormous forehead. After all, if Rush Limbaugh can use his platform to degrade and abuse a college girl for testifying before Congress for women’s health, surely I can use a blog to point out that the people who were proudly fighting to endanger the lives of my loved ones are treacherous cretins. […]

  20. i am for gun control but most of all im for controlling the real nut cases like you that bully people for who they are just to make yourself feel better mr furious budda you are the reason people finaly snap and commit mass shootings

  21. what a disgrace such people have internet use such as this guy furious budda you and those like you are the REAL cause of mass shootings!

  22. this chris guy made alot of other good points but it looks like budda put it all on another thread in an attempt to hide it. Lets all make sure to follow all the thread links on this page

  23. Jessicalovesherboy Says:

    my child commited suicide because people like you picked on him until he couldn’t take it any more. You should be ashamed of your words furious budda !!!!!!!!!

  24. this retard named furious budda is obviously begging for the attention his daddy never gave him.

  25. and at least this guy showed up to try and make a difference to congress and stand up for what he believes in, what have you done besides create a major problem with your stupid little blog life you live. Oh thats right you sat on mommys couch eating potato chips and making fun of people who dont agree with your communist views

  26. This furious fairy fella is obviously so upset with his own life he has to project it on other people to feel better and he shows extreme sexual interest with moyers penis. Look out moyer you know they say when someone picks on you senselesly there hiding the fact they have a secret crush on you > (imagines budda proly stands in front of a mirror with his shit tucked in sayin “”i’d fuck me””) < extremely creepy

  27. lone rider Says:

    good job exposing this fool for who he is and posting this site on my webpage christopher, un fortunetly its past my bed time or i’d say more

  28. Deviouslyinked Says:

    this man seems to be focusing on the gun death rate (which is extremely low considering the millions who have guns and compared to drunk drivers deaths) instead of focusing on just how many of these shootings were caused by people like him abusing others till they finaly snap.

  29. Deviouslyinked Says:

    mr.moyer, mr.christopher keep up the great work, your making a difference and your active in politics unlike this person who seems to bounce around the facts and use phony internet links to back himself

  30. Jerryberry Says:

    oh now dont you know this man we call furious fairy read it on the internet, it must be true !!! Well my dates here, hes a french model, i met him on the internet…..bonjoier

  31. Jessica82 Says:

    wow he does have all sorts of non-credible links all over his blogs threads in a pathetic attempt to back his ignorance. Looks like mr. Christopher struck a nerve with furious fairy more then when his daddy told him he doesnt love him.

  32. Dobidobido to you Says:

    ha ha ha not only does this pathetic freak who lives with mommy like to conversate about other mens penis’s, but it does seem he believes everything he reads on the internet then spreads it like its true. Come here so i can yoddle in that empty cavern you call your skull furious budda 😮

  33. Lookin back at you Says:

    i have to absolutely agree, we need to focus on prosecuting the people that drive people to commit mass shootings if we are going to put a stop to them.

  34. Lookin back at you Says:

    now everyone were just feeding his ignorance. Lets cut off his lifeline by ignoring him because this is obviously the only excitement he has in his pathetic life so dont post any more, he’s been proven an idiot so let him talk and just ignore him < thats the ultimate revenge.

  35. Justice for all Says:

    i couldn’t agree more, people like this force mass shootings to happen then blames gun owners for it to not feel guilty for his own actions, my pencil causes sloppy writing, lets ban them, cars cause thousands of deaths and topple gun death, lets ban them, you know even leaving your house risks your life, lets ban that to, oh and notice he says nothing of the millions of children murdered every year by abortion and idiots like him causing suicide @ “”lookin back at you””

  36. Justice for all Says:

    yes we are giving him the attention he begs for so lets just mass ignore him like an amish shunning. That will hurt him more then any word.

  37. […] you take the time to peruse some of the more recent comment threads at the Teahouse, you will get a peek into the mind of the kind of person who joins a militia and fwaps about […]

    • Lobbyistlove Says:

      I am an anti-gun activist, and what i seen when i look at these new threads is rightly justified people voicing there due opinions of man who deplorably attacked a man’s character for no apparent reason and in such a shamefull manner as to do it publicaly.

  38. Peace.love.n.chicken.grease Says:

    thats all i seen to, some could of done a slightly better job but all were said justifiably against this winstons disgraceful blog mumblings.

  39. Dontthinkicare Says:

    is this guy trying to insult our army national guard hero’s by talking bad about the militia that they are ?????? Or is he trying to insult the people who are disgusted with his actions because his words to this nathan moyer guy are worse then any comment i see. Someone please tell me because all i see is him insulting himself with every statement.

  40. […] GMB left a remarkably bile-free comment with several excellent points on an old post that deserved t… His comment is here in full with my answers to his points in italics. […]

  41. I am a lonely and impotent person who is so filled with frustrated rage that I make racist internet puppets. This is my way of sucking satan’s cock; I spread filthy lies in the world. I am too weak and ineffective to be frightening and intimidating the way I wish I could be, so instead I try to make other people scared with my little puppets. There is still a small part of me that feels shame, however, and this is how I derive a perverse sense of something like sexual pleasure from doing this.
    I wish someone would talk to me or at least make eye contact .
    (this comment has been edited by the Furious Buddha. Have a nice day.)

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