Crying Civil War @NRA

In the 29 days since the slaughter of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary the American Right Wing has found new depths of depraved madness from which they mine arguments that are staggeringly dishonest. In fact, in their hysteria they are displaying the exact kind of fascist thinking that they are accusing anyone who doesn’t agree with them of.  Isn’t it peculiar how the right wing constantly tried to hammer together a chain tying President Obama to former Weatherman Bill Ayers but they never want to talk about the plethora of really serious threats from the right wing? The current hysteria is getting really ugly, and the song of the Jezekiah Grasshopper is as loud as I have ever heard it, and it is calling for all bad men to come to tear apart their country.

The total lack of understanding of American history that is displayed by people who shriek their undying devotion to this nations Founders and Constitution is jaw dropping even to this jaded observer. It makes a certain amount of sense to me as my own love of the Republic and gratitude for citizenship are driven by my appreciation for what the Founders wrought with their Revolution and Constitution; to understand the story of our nation is to see that it is a story of progress and that fighting progress is the position of the Tory, of the Know-Nothing, of the Confederate, of the Robber Baron, of the Isolationist, of the Dixiecrat and all the other losers in the failure heap of history. But then, these are people who call themselves patriots while calling for their state’s secession.

Still, people do not have to be geniuses to be dangerous, especially if they have personal arsenals of absurd proportions. There are a lot of people screaming about civil war and killing people, which doesn’t make for calm or rational conversation. However, I can tell this much; our opponents have misjudged us completely and take us for weaklings, cowards and fools. They believe us to be selfish, unpatriotic and faithless, completely without principles or courage. They think we are impressed and afraid of their ridiculous bluster and bullying and believe we think them brave when they walk with a gun hidden beneath their coat like a dirty magazine. They think they can get us to back down if they bark loud enough but I have a rolled up newspaper here that says they’re wrong again.

3 Responses to “Crying Civil War @NRA”

  1. The dazzling amount of misattribute <– (adjective, can you do this?) Thomas Jefferson quotes I've seen lately is disturbing. I try to tell my fellow gun advocates to debate wisely, the nation is watching. They don't listen.

    Ain't that America, home of the misinformed.

  2. It’s absurdly easy to make our ancestors say what we want if we don’t read what they said.

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