This is What Ethics in Journalism Look Like #Sun-Times

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Dave McKinney resigns from the Sun-Times.
This is heartbreaking for me because I have long loved the Sun-Times and loathe that the the editorial board and owners have more care and concern for Bruce Rauner than the people of the city I love.

Christianity (Triptych)

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This is a work in progress called “Christianity”. It’s three 3′ x 2′ panels of oil on wood.
From left to right they are individually titled ‘Parent’, ‘Child’ and ‘Holy Spirit’.
Christianity 1, 2, & 3Christianity 2Christianity 3

Art Official Plectrum of the Electrum Age #Prince

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It’s Sunday night around eleven. I just started the shuffle of the pair of new Prince albums with ‘U Know’. It starts sinuous and sparse and blows up into big lush beauty. I’ve been living in these records for a week and they have been so good for my newpower soul; I have been one of the two million people who have bought every Prince album for over thirty years now and these are crazy amazing, the gold standard, indeed. I got the digital copies last Saturday and the discs came in the mail on Wednesday; I brought them over to Wendy’s to play for her but her computer doesn’t have a disc drive that could play a CD.

Thirty years ago Lara gave me ‘Purple Rain’ for Christmas on cassette and we played it at New Years in Paul’s yard on a boombox while we had a snowball fight. These albums address the distance between these moments in various ways including the artwork; the cover of ‘Art Official Age’ features Prince standing in front of what are clear vinyl lp’s from his Paisley Park label and the inside cover reverses the colors and replaces the lp’s with binary code. Time may be my favorite song as well as the theme that runs through both records. ‘Art Official Age’ looks forward to a timeless future and is linked by a loose concept that the Artist has awoken after 45 years in suspended animation; in this it is reminiscent of albums such as ‘Ƭ̵̬̊’ or the Gold Experience and provides opportunity for trippy operatic melodrama that cocoons very powerful personal expression such as ‘Way Back Home’ which evoked tears from me. ‘Art Official Age’ is a great modern r&b record in the same vein as ‘Controversy'; slick yet soulful with distinctly baroque production and melodic funk as sweet as it is nasty that has themes that embrace the spiritual and carnal with equal passion.

When I was fifteen my mom took my double cassette of ‘Controversy’/Dirty Mind’ and hid it because she heard ‘Sister’ from the ‘Dirty Mind’ side leaking out of my headphones. ‘Dirty Mind’ was a brilliant punk funk rock record that was a bunch of demos recorded while on tour and was as raw as ‘Controversy’ was sleek. Recorded without overdubs with 3rdEyeGirl, ‘Plectrum Electrum’ is  is to ‘Dirty Mind’ as ‘Art Official Age’ is to ‘Controversy’ or any of the other gemini pairings that can be found throughout his career; the song FUNKNROLL shows up on both records in different forms, reminiscent of how ‘When 2 Are In Love’ tied together The Black Album and Lovesexy. While Prince can play the studio like an instrument, he is also the best bandleader of his age and 3rdEyeGirl is as great a band as he has ever assembled. He is generous with letting them shine and takes advantage of their vocal gifts. If you don’t enjoy Prince, I don’t know why you’re still reading this so I’ll just pretend you’re not; the rest of you, buy them both and shuffle them up and let them be your background for a bit. Let them soak in like a bubble bath where you keep your pants on, savor them with the exquisite taste of 100% Italian silk, imported Egyptian lace, wear them like Cynthia Rose’s happy face.


augurium: aether turbatio

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the aether reeks of ozone
& is sparking
crackling & thrumming
with dangerous potential
seeking to escape;

invisible fields winding
themselves around
themselves into tightly
spiraled coils of probability
spinning karmic flywheels;

leviathan approaching
unseen beneath & behind
closer it comes
inevitable & unstoppable;
may we pass unnoticed.

baby universe

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and he’s back
curled in my arm
chilling and watching
magic school bus
all of my joy
and terrifying responsibility
contained compactly
in a baby universe

getting my buddha on #zen #buddhism #monkeymind

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what you come to understand
about practice
and mindfulness
is that they cannot prevent you
from being caught in the screws
of the idiot machine inexorably
gnashing; to be arbitrary
and unfair is its purpose
and it would be worse
for the universe
if it were any other way.

what you come to understand
about practice
and mindfulness
is that they will not hide you
from the confederacy of dunces
who will always assemble
like flocks of birds
and fish in schools;
unthinking, reactive,
instinctually seeking
homogenous bliss
and more stuff.
perhaps they fear us
for they sense
we might
teach them

what practice
and mindfulness
prepare you for is
the graceful pirouette
of recognizing
and freedom
when your old
monkey mind
would have you
flinging turds.

ten minutes

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i only have ten minutes here
before i change the laundry
and make dinner
and exist in the real
if i talked about the news
i would just be adding
outrage to the cacophony

instead i will tell you
of how i relish phrases
like artisanal pringles
and rejoice in the return
of the day to day
and my gratitude
for my peaceful corner
of this desperate world
where i can laze in the sun
for an hour in the pool
with the little dude

and now to change the laundry and eat
and now to exist in the real


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