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what you come to understand
about practice
and mindfulness
is that they cannot prevent you
from being caught in the screws
of the idiot machine inexorably
gnashing; to be arbitrary
and unfair is its purpose
and it would be worse
for the universe
if it were any other way.

what you come to understand
about practice
and mindfulness
is that they will not hide you
from the confederacy of dunces
who will always assemble
like flocks of birds
and fish in schools;
unthinking, reactive,
instinctually seeking
homogenous bliss
and more stuff.
perhaps they fear us
for they sense
we might
teach them

what practice
and mindfulness
prepare you for is
the graceful pirouette
of recognizing
and freedom
when your old
monkey mind
would have you
flinging turds.

ten minutes

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i only have ten minutes here
before i change the laundry
and make dinner
and exist in the real
if i talked about the news
i would just be adding
outrage to the cacophony

instead i will tell you
of how i relish phrases
like artisanal pringles
and rejoice in the return
of the day to day
and my gratitude
for my peaceful corner
of this desperate world
where i can laze in the sun
for an hour in the pool
with the little dude

and now to change the laundry and eat
and now to exist in the real

Reality… Is a Concept By Which We Measure Our Pain. #RIPRobinWilliams

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I just saw the news that Robin Williams is dead of an apparent suicide.

I am so sad.
It hit home in a lot of ways for me. Please, if you are struggling with that kind of darkness, ask for help. You are not alone.

Last year Julia and I found World’s Greatest Dad on Netlfix. It blew me away. It was one of his best performances and a really powerful movie; darkly funny and unforgettable. It was risky, which is why it worked; Williams was a very brave performer who took chances that didn’t always pay off, but that made the ones that connected that much better.

Here. Watch.

this gesture

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it’s almost midnight
here there it must be sunrise
good morning to you

painting midnight oils
listening to the cure cov-
-er young americans

hope you had sweet rest
dreams of cloud mountain giants
good morning to you

wendy in the alps

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wendy in the alps
looking down upon our scalps
smile flashing above

lou reed plays behind
while i spin haiku to you
walk on the wild side

i miss day to day
yet i still discover you
everywhere i look

and now this one’s four
the way to find the poem
is break the pattern


Save Your Own Soul Ann Coulter #AnnCoulter #AnnCoultersPlank #ConvertingAnnCoulterToChristianity #AnnCoulterNeedsAHug

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Dear Ann,

I saw your little essay where you seem agitated about the doctor with ebola and how he is a narcissistic Christian and  I’m even linking directly to your website and not just a story about you making piles of words designed to upset people and attract attention to yourself.

I don’t know if you get off on this sort of thing or if it is just part of your hustle, but there was a time when people thought that you were going to be a public intellectual to reckon with. I only bring it up here to remind us both that you haven’t always been where you are now. That means you don’t have to feel the way you do now for the rest of your life. You think that “If Dr. Brantly had practiced at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and turned one single Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would have done more good for the entire world than anything he could accomplish in a century spent in Liberia.” Well, Ann, I tell you now that if I could turn you to Christ that would be more good done than I can imagine.

You sneer at compassion while wielding the Cross like a cudgel. You are like Saul before he rode to Damascus; you are celebrating Caesar and persecuting the faithful.There is hope for you but right now your soul is sick with an overdose of cynicism; it’s not that you can’t perceive irony, but that it always tastes bitter to you. Jesus loves you, Ann, but you have to understand that He loves everybody else too, especially those people you so clearly loathe. You cannot hate people and love Jesus at the same time.

I honestly am going to pray for you.

Winston Delgado


When Genocide is Permissible? You Brought It Up So Let’s Talk About It. #YochananGordon #TimesOfIsrael #Gaza #Hamas #IDF #

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Yochanan Gordon has already apologized for and retracted his essay that the Times of Israel published entitled “When Genocide is Permissible.” The Times of Israel condemns the post and explains that Gordon posted it without anyone there reviewing it. It is certain that Yochanan Gordon, the Times, and the people cheerleading the IDF slaughter of innocents in Gaza would like very much for the phrase ‘When Genocide is Permissible’  to vanish from the consciousness of everyone, but it seems to this observer that they are more concerned with how badly the argument was framed rather than with the substance of anything Gordon was arguing. Consider that the Times apparently has no problem with this post by Irwin Blank that makes essentially the same argument but coyly couches it in Biblical terms rather than just using the plain language of Yochanan Gordon. When one reads Gordon’s words they are clearly those of a passionate adolescent brimming with patriotic fervor and the unexamined beliefs of his parent; his mistake was bluntly articulating not only what is said around his kitchen table but what is happening in Gaza.

Israel is bombing a ghetto and blaming the corpses of children for their own deaths. The people of Gaza have nowhere to hide or flee. When Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated for nearly making peace with the Palestinians, it was a right wing Israeli who pulled the trigger, not a Palestinian, and with Rabin dead so were the Oslo Accords. When Palestinians have tried non-violent protests their children have been shot dead by IDF forces. Israel is using white phosphorus and other total war tactics against people who are trapped in an urban prison. There are young Jewish men feeling bold enough to talk about how genocide could be permissible in this special exceptional case, just this one time, they promise. It is time for everyone to look very closely at this situation with fresh eyes.

This is not to excuse or ignore any of the crimes committed by Hamas; however, Israel is the staunch and special ally of the United States that receives much of its military superiority through that relationship. That military superiority is what puts the onus upon Israel. The IDF is not responding to the will of a handful of Hamas fighters who ineffectively lob rockets at them; the IDF is enacting the will of the political leadership of Israel. When one reads the reasons given for why the right thing to do in this case is for Israel to erase the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants from the face of the Earth, there is agreement among the apologists that Hamas and the Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip represent an existential threat towards Israel, so therefore Israel is justified in eliminating this threat.

There are no objective observers to violence. There is no privileged position from which final judgement may be ascertained; there are no umpires, officials or innocent bystanders.  There are smart missiles, machine guns, and armored helicopters and here are children and men with homemade rockets. There are thousands of soldiers in body armor and here are teenagers with rocks. Here are people defending their homes and here are people defending their homes. Desperate people do desperate things. If the people of Israel take everything away from the people of Gaza, then every person in Gaza will become a de facto member of Hamas.  That is not an acceptable endgame.

My grandfather once told me that the smoke of the terrible burnt offering that was the Holocaust reached God and that His answer was the rebirth of Israel.  He was a very spiritual man of sincere faith; we argued and talked and taught each other everything we could of theology for over thirty years and his opinions on such things weigh heavily by my measure. He was raised in an orphanage around a hundred years ago; I was born into a world where the Moon was not an object of mystery but a place people have been. We had different frames of reference but I came to understand his and he enjoyed looking through my windows as well; my point is that there is a part of me that can’t help but feel the same way about Israel. This is the part of me that is most outraged by this betrayal against the spirit that brought Israel into being. The only response to the question ‘When is genocide permissible?’ is ‘Never again.’



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