Comrade Trump’s Thugs.


First of all it is likely that the “Rape Melania” sign was a dirty trick by a “deplorable” trying to make those protesting Trump look bad (please note that I am using the exact same source you did for the original story); regardless, a single sign held up by a single angry asshole does not a movement make. It certainly does not justify any equivalency between Trump and his supporters and those who oppose him. And really, if you want to get into picking individuals who suck, even if that asshole with the sign was an actual Democrat he’s no worse than this guy. Or this one. Or the sweethearts who do these things.

Likewise, angry children burning the flag are nothing to get worked up about; a flag is a bolt of cloth and what it represents cannot be desecrated by them. It does not please me that they do it and I would prefer that if they want to use the flag in protest they fly it upside down, signalling distress, which is far more appropriate than burning the flag. But then, if Trump had lost the Electoral College and had over a million more votes than HRC I’m sure his supporters would have demonstrated calm restraint and understanding.

And I’m not kidding about distress.
Russia Today, Huck? Seriously? How would Ronald Reagan feel about an American conservative using a Russian propaganda source in a political discussion? It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Why should anyone care about George Soros when American Conservatives are being taken in by a plot so ridiculous and obvious that the John Birch Society would have thought it cartoonish? So what if some college kids are protesting on a billionaire’s dime? Our national security is as stake.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is the Soviet Union 2.0 and they just not only interfered in our Presidential election, but they bragged about it after applauding the result. The President Elect has not released his tax returns and there is reason to believe that he is heavily leveraged  by Russian oligarchs. One of his campaign managers was considered a security risk for his Russian connections. There’s a server in Trump Tower that talks to a Russian bank.

There are so many unacceptable things about Trump that it is dazzling; he has put white nationalism over country and found new ways to deepen the divides between Americans. I’m from Chicago, Huck. I know once you see the flash of metal you have to think tactically. There is no purity at the DNC but I would rather cast my lot with that ship of fools than the pack of thugs heading for the White House.



3 Responses to “Comrade Trump’s Thugs.”

  1. What’s the big deal? It’s just “locker room” signage, I mean, boys will be boys protesting after all.

  2. Winston,

    While those ‘deplorable’ stories are indeed deplorable, I would like to see or hear some evidence corroborating them, lest they become another one of these:

    Sadly, there is nothing more deplorable than child abuse (

    I know, I know, we could potentially go back and forth like this for days debating which side has the worst fringe element. What isn’t open for debate is the obvious media bias that this election has exposed. Some examples I’m sure you’re familiar with ( ( We should both find it ironic that news corporations are waging a war on ‘fake’ news after they’re exposed doing something like this (

    The left’s very own Jon Stewart points out a very central problem to what’s going on today and I believe his observation is spot on ( For the record, I’m not blaming every liberal outright, I’m blaming our corrupt media enterprises.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Trump is no angel, and has said plenty of things to incite anger among different groups. But what should have started as a small spark that could have been put out with dialogue was instead fanned by the media into the towering flames we see rising from protests across the nation. Here’s a list of examples of this from your very own (

    I hope we never see another election like this again, but I’m afraid it will only get worse until people recognize who the true puppetmasters are.

    Thanks for your response,


  3. […] Huck, there is no end to the perfidy and deceit in our politics but I will not be part of any charade where we pretend there is some kind of equanimity between the two parties at this moment. Ignoring the influence of white nationalists in the White House and the role that racism is playing in our politics is something I am simply incapable of in the same way that I would have difficulty ignoring rats eating my face. […]

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