We are all Trump’s Chumps now.

Keep calm and carry on.

Once when I was in Rome I had to drag a young man away from a three card monte operator as he pointed at a guy who looked like the hustler’s cousin and yelled, “but that guy just won!”

A chump is never more certain of not being a chump as when they are getting ripped off. When I hear people who voted for Trump talk about how they believe what he says I hear the same certainty of someone who just agreed to a game of cups and balls on the subway. Some are the people who want the salesman to like them. Others imagine Jesus to be Young Santa Claus. Too many of them think because they are racist and cynical they understand the world. They get everything backwards and resent people who go forwards.

All it took for our Christians to overlook his grotesque hedonistic sexual self-indulgence and general immorality was his overt racism. These gleeful hypocrites are raising a Beast to rule over us; perhaps they find their soft reflections in its golden hooves more pleasing than the sight of Christ on the Cross. Several months ago I privately shared Revelation 13:5 with Kenny, which reads, “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months.”

To be honest, it gives me chills and while I don’t believe Revelations can or should be read literally, one would think that people who purportedly love the Bible so much more than everyone else wouldn’t need me to make the connection. On the other hand, it does guarantee he’s a one-term President.

My faith has been quite centering and I am actually feeling quite positive and vitally alive; I am a rebel by nature and spent no time wallowing in self-pity. I am rallying my forces and sounding the alarm. I am going to stand my ground and provide safety for all those I can. I am going to fight ignorance and intolerance in every way that I can. I am going to work harder for the Democrats than I ever have before in my life. I am going to support joy, art and peace while countering Trumpism however I can.

My unlimited love to you all (Keep calm and carry on),

Winston Delgado
November 9, 2016

5 Responses to “We are all Trump’s Chumps now.”

  1. Four years is 48 months. I wonder where the other four months went.

    I am trying desperately to hold on to Hope. We have a lot of Work to do. I hope I don’t get tired.

    I am considering formally joining the DNC. Mid term elections are two years away…

    • The DNC only has themselves to blame. They over reached on every policy, bypassing legislative procedure (yes I know repubs do it too) and creating a recipe for their own disaster. When you sprinkle (read: pour) on the corruption, collusion with a failed media narrative, and bake it in the oven of Trump’s demagoguery you have a nice cake and there’s just enough for all of us.

      On the plus side, stocks are up, Russia wants to work with us in Syria, and Canada wants to renegotiate NAFTA. Your own candidate asked everyone to approach his presidency with an open mind. Obviously the protesters (rioters) are not listening to that. He went low and they went low too. It’s time to work together and do it through democratic process, compromise and most important DIALOGUE. This isn’t being taught to our young people. I hope that both sides work to change this.

      • So good to hear from both of you.
        Huck, there is plenty of blame to go around but yes, it was Clinton’s and the DNC’s election to lose. And they lost it soundly.

        Anybody who wants to approach a Trump presidency with an open mind is welcome to; I intend to be at the very least as cooperative as the Tea Party and Republicans have been with Obama for the past 8 years. I consider it my highest patriotic and even spiritual duty to do so. I have been engaging in dialogue with whatever conservatives will engage with me for thirty years; Trump supporters have no interest in dialogue. They want dictation from their God Emperor.

        Without hesitation, reservation or equivocation I am supporting and joining the DNC (as well as the Union, the ACLU, the Allies, the Jedi Knights, the French Resistance, the Rebel Alliance, the Justice League, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Fellowship of the Ring). This is not out of malice or spite but rather from deep love of my country.

        In regards to the protestors; there are very good reasons why rhetoric such as he has repeatedly employed considered recklessly dangerous. This is why.

  2. […] into Trump’s Locusts. The Klan is on the march and the Nazis are wanking themselves bloody. Kenny, you should join and I’m going to try to figure out the way I can be most effective; we have a large circle of […]

    • Damn Facebook. I keep looking for the “Like” button.

      I probably will join the DNC, but my fight also lies elsewhere. People who think they are Christian voted for him in droves. Evidently, the leaders of The Church have failed in their primary job. We are called to be like Christ, whose primary commandment was Love. How did we get it so wrong?

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