Je suis Winston (((Delgado)))/ Elie (((Weisel))) has passed from the world.

If you don’t understand what the echo parenthesis signify, here is an explainer.

Let’s be clear about the cutesy term ‘alt-right’. Someone who identifies as ‘alt-right’ is signifying that they are a bigot and a racist. The growing boldness of white nationalists and racists is something for everyone to be concerned about. These groups have been creeping underground for years but now they are growing lushly and I fear that they will bloom a strange and nightmarish fruit this autumn. That racists and white supremacists have been energized by the Trump campaign is well documented, and an especially energetic one has murdered a Labour Party MP in the UK.


Elie Wiesel has died at the age of 87.

I began the above post a few weeks ago and set it aside and didn’t come back to it until just now. I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of Elie Wiesel several years ago at the dedication for the Holocaust Museum. His writing is very important to me; I have read ‘Night’ every few years for decades and discover more in the text every time. His was one of the great moral voices of humanity.

We are witnessing the passing of an age.




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