Cry Hoka Hey, Touch Faith

Beloved Bookcharmer;

It’s so late but tomorrow never knows
the wisdom found in the pearly moonlight
so I will tell you of the brilliant light tonight.
The thought of your gentle heart touched by fear
is too much for my drowsy head to bear.

A guardian of civilization
you are & the library is your fortress
there is an oil painting in my garage
of Saint Cyril murdering Hypatia,
the last great mind of antiquity, she
was chief librarian of Alexandria
& the library burns around them still.
we stood there then against barbarians & lost
The worst thing has already happened &
the world rolled on
Martyrs will be murdered
again & their sanctuaries defiled
wait long enough & lightning will strike you
do not be afraid for I have good news

the world is vicious & cruel but love wins
there is gunfire and hot blood in the street
& we have to stare it down, clean it up
& begin again but that’s always true
The madness of fevered egos run amok
is nothing new; cry hoka hey, touch faith

courage is knowing you are going
to lose everything & keep on fighting
because ten thousand years from now
is as real as today
& then we’ll have different roles to play
unremembering this moment of time
& then you will have to encourage me
as the troglodytes close in hungrily

but until then my beloved sweet friend
don’t let the evil bastards make you bend

My unlimited love to you all




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