It’s been so long…

…since I’ve written you. I’m home sick from the Clown Factory today with a cold/flu that is kicking my ass.

I used to enjoy talking about politics. We used to be able to have interesting conversations and arguments, but not anymore in America. The idiots have been unleashed and empowered and are laughing while they set everything they can on fire. The GOP is going to choose between an authoritarian megalomaniac or a panty-sniffing-dildo-hunter and I am not in the least bit entertained by it. My God, they both make look Mitt Romney look Presidential as opposed to the CEO that downsized your job.

It is such a strange irony that Hillary Clinton is the most truly conservative candidate by any reasonable measure in the sense that she is certainly the Establishment candidate and that she wants to keep the status quo as much as possible. Conservatives hate her with a purple passion yet she has taken positions farther to the right than any Democratic politician in decades; she has demonstrated repeatedly that she is eager to use military force and takes a hard line on most international situations (this is why the Republicans have spent so much time and effort trying to make the Benghazi incident so much more than it was, because otherwise there is very little for them to object to in her tenure as Secretary of State which included the capture of Osama bin Laden among other achievements.) and her husband’s administration passed a tough crime law that led to mass incarcerations as well as eliminated welfare as it had existed for generations. She is by far the best Republican in this race; there’s a few smart Republicans who know it.

I have a friend who read that above paragraph with disgust and I can’t help but smile; she is a Republican who loathes Hillary viscerally even as it is objectively obvious that another Clinton Presidency would be the best thing for her professionally as well as from a personal standpoint-both of the GOP frontrunners have views on women that would be laughably absurd if they weren’t so terrifyingly serious in their implications and Clinton’s intention of carrying on Obama’s policies is just being a smart technocrat. I like Bernie. I worry that a Sanders Presidency would resemble Carter’s term far too much. There is a lot of idealism there that I worry might be more concerned with its own purity than practicality and as I get older I haven’t gotten more conservative but I don’t let idealism get in the way of thinking. In any case, either Hillary or Bernie will get my vote in November; any other is being cast for madness and flames.

I actually have dozens of things I could write to you about now; that’s one of the nice things about not posting here for a while. I’ve seen movies and read books and had adventures and a few stories to tell. I’m getting ready to direct Macbeth later this year and I’m very excited. I get little butterflies just thinking about it.

I’m going to try and get some sleep and make it to work tomorrow; I actually hate not being there.

As always, more later and my unlimited love to y’all,

WD  .


One Response to “It’s been so long…”

  1. You know I love you and I don’t even consider myself a Republican anymore because of these horrible men in the race. I’m voting for Bernie because I don’t want our first woman President to be a chump who is fine with being cheated on repeatedly, AND I think she’s a liar and a crook. I don’t care about my own financial situation–I’ll be fine. The machine of the Clintons cannot get back into the White House!

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