notes & Days in the Life

I’m in one of those moments where life is whirling around me. My fledgling theater company of which I am the artistic director is about to stage our first production; we open on Friday. Julia’s father has been lingering near death in the ICU, his liver and kidneys failed and requiring a ventilator and heart pump while his body fought off septic shock for two weeks. He has however, regained consciousness and is off of the ventilator and is no longer in shock. She has been staying overnights at the hospital by his bedside. I’ve been waking up and getting Little Tony and myself off to Pre-K and the Clown Factory respectively. Also, we got a beautiful little Rottweiler puppy about three weeks ago just before her dad went in the hospital.

And really, there is so much more to the story about poor Carl that I am not getting into here and I don’t even know if I should.

Julia got in wreck with a UPS truck. Her and Little Tony were fine. The Civic did its job and absorbed the energy of the impact, protecting its precious passengers by sacrificing itself. The transmission went out on our other car.

And Julia just got back to work after having been off since her knee surgery before Christmas.

But things are beautiful.

The Clown Factory is actually not at all a bad place to work despite the demented management and frequent pie fights. Wendy and I have a morning book club where we lead the Palookas  through great work of literature. Currently, to my great delight, we are reading 1984. The Palookas love it as I knew they would but I constantly worry about being accused of being a fomenter of class consciousness by the Harlequins that run the place. In any case, their general disapproval of my work only confirms its importance to me.

I haven’t nearly enough face time with Little Tony, though, and that certainly does suck.

But our puppy is wonderful.

And I have to run to run a dress rehearsal.

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