At the Bottom of the Year

This has been the least depressing holiday season in a long time. I still feel the leaden mass of incomprehensible sadness lurking close by, pressing its hardest when I am alone when it has the advantage, but I can banish it by closing my eyes and counting my breathing.

I am practicing daily meditation and it helps. I recommend it to everyone. Just sit and count your breaths. Nothing else. You don’t need a mantra, a guru, or an app. Just sit and do it.

I made some lobster for us and we’re watching tv. The most important person in my world is sleeping soundly in our bed. I had a glass of something sweet and bubbly and it went right to my head and I felt warmly dizzy and it was enough. I haven’t gone out on a New Year’s Even in a very long time. It’s an amateur night if ever there was. I’m happy right here at home tonight.

Happy New Year.

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