Why do you keep believing Alex Jones? #JadeHelm #Truthers #Conspiracy #AlexJones

Dear Anyone Who Believes Anything Alex Jones Says;

What is it about you that allows you to believe such an obvious fraud as Alex Jones? It’s not simply a matter of raw intelligence, paranoia or a personality flaw. It can’t be.

Is it because you want the world to be more magical than it really is? Is it more exciting to think that the local dry cleaners is a front for an elaborate spy operation or that your grocery store is part of a UN conspiracy to make us docile?

I’m more sympathetic than you think. My mom used to listen to Alex Jones back when he was mostly talking about aliens and ghosts in the wee dark hours of the morning. Then she would come to me with questions about chemtrails, HARP and ley lines. Eventually the act wore thin and she moved on. But many of you didn’t.

So, I’m taking this moment in the fall of 2015 to point out to you that the Jade Helm exercises are over and the American Southwest has not been put under control of the US military and that this is an opportunity to reconsider some of your beliefs. Now, I realize that some of you may be thinking that because Alex Jones alerted the world to Jade Helm and that scared the military into backing down. Stop that. You know it’s not true. You know in your heart of hearts that Alex Jones is an irresponsible bullshitter. .

For the record, he said this: “[The government] needs the police and the military to wipe out the liberty movement, and we wipe them out. […] I estimate in the civil war, 300,000 police will die. I estimate that if the military marches out against the gun owners, half a million dead. Two million dead on the side of the patriots. Won’t matter, we’ll have another 10 million where that came from. But it’ll be a real war once they start it.”

What happened: (crickets chirping)

The thing is that there is enough craziness in the world without wasting so much time and energy on bullshitters who get off on getting attention and feeling important. Stop giving handjobs to Alex Jones’s ego. He is a sad little man crying wolf and being rewarded with millions of dollars for doing it. Splash some water on your face and go read a book that isn’t trying to make you frightened, paranoid, or otherwise delusional.

Much love,

Winston Delgado

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