summer shore moment

Deneb and cygnus
Hang at zenith observing
summers’ ritual

I composed that haiku while camping under the stars in Zion with Julia and Baby Tony. There was a terrific storm on Friday night but we passed under it unscathed; little dude was brave throughout the ordeal. He had never been to the beach and it was magical; he makes the world new to me through his eyes.

I haven’t been to the beach for years and forgot how serene it could feel to just silently contemplate the waves. I sat crosslegged and counted my breath as it synced with the waves. After a little while Tony plopped himself into the seat of my crossed legs and matched my pose down to the hands on his knees, his back smooth and straight against my belly. He sat looking out at the sparkling blue of Lake Michigan with me silently for a few minutes and then he said, “I like watching the waves, Papa.”

I said, “I do too, Tony.”

He fell back into silence and his breathing matched mine. I felt my shoulders begin to lower as I exhaled and the thought ‘I am perfectly happy’ passed through my mind; when this thought fully resolved itself in my mind  my shoulders fell even more until suddenly I felt a series of pops that started in my jaw, ran down my neck and along my spine to my hips. Shuddering tingles ran through my extremities and I felt a joyful relaxation shake itself into me. My scalene muscle unknotted itself in seconds with a tremendous cracking sound in a quick spasm of release. I felt young and strong and in harmonious tune with the world around me. Tony calmly asked, “do you feel better, Papa?”

“Yes, I do, Tony.”

“Good.” and he returned to contemplating the waves with me.


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