Casting My Pearls All Over the Place #JeSuisCharlie


The problem with the whole ‘white guys bullying minorities’ narrative in this case is that the staff of Charlie Hebdo was mocking the people who would eventually murder them at their desks. That is absolutely speaking truth to power. I am speaking here as someone who has gotten under the skins of the mouthbreathers at ‘Stormfront’; white people are allowed to have opinions and even criticize murderous terrorists who use religion as a cover for their evil. There is nothing wrong with pointing at something that you think is fucked up and saying, “that there is fucked up.” What is wrong is ignoring the fucked up thing because you don’t want people to fuck you up for noticing it.

I know, language. I’m always fucking myself up like that. Was it necessary for me to tell Jacob and Sandip to jack themselves into drooling ecstasy? Yes, and I thought it was done tastefully. I refuse to neuter a discourse on the virtues of rudeness and blasphemy, but then, nobody is asking me to write for Vanity Fair so what do I know? I know that my writing has rough edges and I mostly smooth them away; in this case I polished that fucker like a shiv. I crafted that anal-bead masturbation joke with loving care. Someone who reads it and doesn’t laugh isn’t going to appreciate the rest of what I’m talking about anyway. And that’s okay; I’m not writing for everybody all the time. That’s why my favorite posts to write here are the letters to my friends; it doesn’t feel like I’m on a soapbox in Bughouse Park pontificating to the birds.

Back to Charlie Hebdo. Is it racist for people in the US to have an opinion about the terror and violence of the Mexican cartels? If I drew a cartoon condemning the President of Mexico for his role in the corruption of his government would I be in a no go zone? I say absolutely not. While it is very easy to drift into stereotypes and racist tropes when commenting on things outside of your immediate culture that doesn’t mean it automatically happens. Likewise, while observing other cultures it is very easy to get things mixed up and to read the signals all wrong. The cultural tensions in France are very real and it is not automatically xenophobic to talk about it plainly. I am familiar with the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo from the ongoing controversy and the work of Cabu in particular. I can say with confidence that the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were not right wing racists spreading hateful propaganda.

So yes, before doing a quick Google search to find something he didn’t understand and hopping on his ‘That’s Racist’ high horse half cocked to ride off crying ignorant slander upon the dead, Jacob should have had himself a real good wank. I stand by that advice, my friend, and recommend it to everyone; the thing with the pearls is optional.

My unlimited love,


And yeah, Neil does nail it.

2 Responses to “Casting My Pearls All Over the Place #JeSuisCharlie”

  1. Kenny Lazarus Says:

    OK. I think we’ve moved up a few points. Now I think I agree with about 99.8% of what you say. Your first paragraph is perfect. Spot on. I also appreciate the link to the tumblr about how the French react to cartoons like Charlie Hebdo. It seems my question about context has been answered. For the record, I never intended to say that the cartoons were racist. I was simply saying that I wasn’t sure that they were not; and that was enough to trouble me. But, now that I better know the audience through the link you provided, I have a better understanding that they are not.

    Now, on to you. You wrote: ” Someone who reads it and doesn’t laugh isn’t going to appreciate the rest of what I’m talking about anyway. ”

    You are wrong. I didn’t laugh the first time and every time I reread it, I skipped that part. I most certainly appreciated the rest. You argue well and usually make very good points. Sometimes your comments are appropriate. The comments directed at the stormfront folks about their sexual inadequacies were hilarious. This time though it just seemed over the top and a bit overwrought. Either that or I’m just getting old. I guess I am just turning into an old fuddy duddy.

    Anyway… I still think that the concerns about the content of the cartoons were valid concerns. Turns out those concerns were based on some false assumptions and/or incorrect information. I got it wrong. Now I am very comfortable saying #jesuischarlie

  2. I can live with .02 of disagreement. I appreciate your point about my assumptions about my audience as well; you keep me honest. Still, there are time when it is appropriate to tell someone to shove it up their ass and I maintain that this was one of home. 😉

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