Spiraling into the bottom of the years

Duck Soup is playing; the kids are indulging me because I made steak and lobster for dinner with Spumante for dessert. This has been a semi-tradition of mine for a very long time. My favorite New Years are the ones that have resembled this as opposed to the ones where I was throwing up in the alleys behind a bar. Channel 11 would always show Duck Soup on New Years’ Eve when I was kid and I like the tradition of eating like a king on New Years Eve and a pauper on New Years Day. Lord knows, after tonights meal we will be eating like paupers for more than tomorrow. But Duck Soup is just so damn funny. What a counterpoint to The Interview; Mussolini banned Duck Soup in Italy when it was released in 1933 as he took personal offense to it. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, history doesn’t repeat it rhymes.

The stupid iPad I use for work published this long before I was done with it, so as I write this a sentence is dangling unfinished on teh internets. I’ve left the Young Ones to their evening and I’m snuggling in here with you Dear Reader as the night spins the year away. I feel the weight of the darkness just like I always do at this time of the year but what is different is the joy the sleeping three year old in the other room emanates like a blast furnace makes it so much easier to bear. He makes everything simple; each choice is clear where he is concerned.

Bookcharmer, I’m really sorry I didn’t get to meet you guys down at the Bowie exhibit; I was really looking forward to seeing you. I still haven’t made it down yet. Everyone I know tells me how cool it is.

I’m going to send some texts and make a call or two, but before I go, some verse to play me out.


I felt young this year.
I made great new friends*, had fun
made discoveries,

generally had
a charmed year in a charmed life
humble and grateful

sing a haiku groove
across the minor key bridge
in five seven time

*and thank you wendy
for moving calliope
from her rusted frieze

Happy New Year,
WD December 31, 2014


One Response to “Spiraling into the bottom of the years”

  1. Kenny Lazarus Says:

    My Aunt in law, the retired art teacher who is the same age as our parents went to Chicago from here to see the Bowie exhibit. She was beyond effusive in her praise. You MUST go. I’ll just say two words about its contents: augmented reality.

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