America’s Shame #NRA #SandyHook #Newtown

It has been nearly two years since Adam Lanza killed twenty toddlers and six teachers in Newtown Connecticut. In that time, our nation has made it easier for anyone to get their hands on guns by weakening the existing laws and have made absolutely no effort to improve mental health treatment in this country. We have been treated to demonstrations of treacherous cretins brandishing guns in grocery stores and restaurants who insist that they are making everyone safer by waving their guns around. Even though most Americans agree that this is an unacceptable situation, this vocal minority has short circuited our democracy and imposed the will of a deranged minority upon the rest of us. We are a nation of cowards. Cowards who cling to their guns and the cowards who fear them too much to speak up. A nation of cowards that tortures our captives as a matter of official policy. A nation that is terrified of black people, especially if they’re young.

It is not conflation to bring race into this conversation; consider why the NRA believes it is so important for a person like Adam Lanza to have access to assault rifles but are absolutely silent on the deaths of black citizens at the hands of police? Where has the NRA been to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of Tamir Rice who was shot by police for holding a toy gun? When a white person walks into a restaurant brandishing a personal arsenal they can be confident they have the backing of the NRA to ensure that government tyranny won’t infringe on their very broad interpretation of the Second Amendment; why haven’t we heard the NRA exhorting African-Americans to bear arms for self-defense against government tyranny? After all, when an old white man threatened to shoot federal officers who were trying to get him off of land he was occupying illegally he was a folk hero to these folks; how is a man who was choked to death by police for allegedly trying to avoid a cigarette tax not a hero to anti-government libertarians everywhere? Or is there another fear there?

Fear is the mind-killer; it is the only thing to be feared as it is the only thing that can strip away our humanity. It is not cowardice to feel fear but rather to surrender your reason to it; to be craven is to reduce yourself to a panicked beast. Fear is the root of all evil; it is the mother of rage and daughter of ignorance. All humans feel it but not nearly enough master it. In our fear, we the people of the United States of America have done many terrible things; our refusal to protect our children from our inability to deal with our firearms like adults is the worst one as far as I reckon.

Because the NRA has seen to it that Congress made it illegal for the government to track gun deaths in America, we really don’t know how many Americans have been killed since the atrocity at Sandy Hook, but it has to be in the tens of thousands.


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