the unindicted blues

this is why the people
won’t trust the system
that is broken down
and breaks them down

it ain’t easy to live on the thin blue line
but he called the kid over to his cruiser
and emptied his clip like a gangsta
left the dead kid lying in the street
like he wasn’t a son, just some meat
and the grand jury took their sweet time
to get it straight with the party line
that killer was just doing his job
keeping the community safe
by making those parents sob
and now they got a case
of the unindicted blues

5 Responses to “the unindicted blues”

  1. Kenny Lazarus Says:

    All of this is happening less than 5 miles away from us. One of our favourite restaurants is in Ferguson. We need to ask ourselves some questions. Michael Brown was a student in an unaccredited school system.Why? How does a school system become so bad that attending school there is akin to not attending school at all? How did it get that way?

    When confronted by a cop, he decided that struggling with the cop for his gun was a good idea. Obviously, he saw the officer as a threat. Why?

  2. We actually don’t know that he struggled with the cop for his gun. That’s just what the killer claimed; because the DA was able to talk the grand jury out of a trial we will never know if that happened or not. Because we won’t have a trial what happened will never be formally decided.
    The killer also claimed that his victim ‘bulked up’ to prepare to ‘run through the shots’, so based on that we could also say that not only did Michael Brown grab for the gun, but he was also turning into the Hulk.
    Sorry to nitpick, but it’s the details that matter.

    • Kenny Lazarus Says:

      You wrote “what happened can never be formally decided.” This is simply incorrect. This is actually one of the tasks of the grand jury. They are finders of fact! Their job is to determine what the facts are and whether or not those facts “more likely than not” constitute a crime. The evidence presented to the grand jury showed that Mr. Brown had a wound on his thumb and I think gunpowder residue on his hands, but I do not recall. Brown’s DNA was found inside the Police Tahoe as was evidence that two shots were fired while the gun was inside the Tahoe. One bullet lodged in the door, the other wasn’t recovered. Those facts were not disputed by any of the pathologists including the one hired y the Brown family. Also many witnesses said that there was a struggle inside the Tahoe with Brown leaning through the window. Now while these facts are critical to understanding exactly what happened on August 9, they are not quite as important when we talk about why young black men are so disproportionately victims of police violence.


    Again, this was not the normal procedure. The prosecutor appeared to have gone to great lengths to ensure that this never went to trial. Do I need to point out that there were witnesses who said Michael Brown was on his knees with his hands in the air saying ‘I give up’ when Officer Wilson unloaded his weapon on him?

    This is the problem, it wasn’t a trial, it was a prosecutor with an agenda stacking things so that he wouldn’t have to take this case to trial where these things would be argued out. I’m hoping the Feds bring a civil rights charge. It’s happened before.

    It’s like I said in the other thing, ‘Our society has become a demented circus where white people parade around with automatic weapons in sandwich shops and flip their $&it when politely asked to leave by apologetic police officers who gun down unarmed black people with impunity.’ There is something really wrong going on.

    • Kenny Lazarus Says:

      (NOTE FROM WINSTON-This was sitting in the queue waiting to be approved for some reason for a couple of weeks now. For anyone following the conversation, I apologize. Kenny, I don’t know what happened with this but I think we’re closer on this subject than it appears.)

      You and I will probably never agree about the grand jury and I’m not really sure how important it is that we talk about it here. (You have my phone # ;-] ) I would ask though that before you make any comments about what you think happened on that August afternoon that you look at the evidence that was presented; or at minimum read parts of the statement made by Robert McCullough as he announced the decision. (Don’t waste you time reading the part where he whines about the media or where he repeats himself three or four times, but his discussion of the evidence is important. For the record, I’m not a big fan of his for many reasons not related to the Brown case. He ran unopposed last election. I did not cast a vote on that part of the ballot.) I am very pleased that he decided to release all the evidence that was presented.

      For me, what the grand jury decided is not nearly as important as what you wrote about in your third paragraph. Recently here in StL there was an “open carry parade” about 2 dozen or so folks walked down a major street openly carrying military grade shotguns and assault rifles. Needless to say, they were all white. How would a similar group of black folks been greeted? Somehow, the word National Guard comes to mind!

      But this issue goes much farther than the gun issue. Ferguson aside, why is it that I have always gotten odd looks when I tell people I live in North County? Why is it that most of the small municipalities near me make most of there revenue from traffic tickets given overwhelmingly to black folks? (Last year, Bel-Ridge issued over 99% of there tickets to African Americans. They make up less than 50% of the population. (I think. It’s somewhere around there.) Here is a Post-Dispaatch story with some interesting numbers about Ferguson. You get my point.

      And then there is this:

      I didn’t watch it. I’m having enough stomach trouble already…

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