Ethical Leadership Day 2014

Israel has destroyed the El-Wafa  hospital. It the only real hospital in Gaza. It is very clear that this was an intentional strike and not a case of collateral damage.

Today the President is holding Putin responsible for arming and training the Ukrainian rebels who shot the Malaysian Airlines plane down, killing the nearly three hundred civilians on board. The United States is the largest military supplier to Israel and gives over $3 billion a year in direct military support to Israel. How responsible are we for that hospital and the nearly three hundred Palestinian civilians that have been killed in the past fortnight?



2 Responses to “Ethical Leadership Day 2014”

  1. lazurus/kenny Says:

    In the interest of accuracy, it seems that it isis, or rather was, a rehab facility not a primary care center. The Israelis will probably say Hamas was storing bombs there. Whereas MAH 17 was simply flying over on a scheduled flight on a recognized route a and had filed a flight plan.

    The two, while similarly tragic, are rather different occurrences but will eventually lead to similar reactions: none!

  2. I absolutely take your point but would contend that I am not so much comparing apples and oranges as acorns and oaks; while the chains of attachment are of differing lengths they both make connections.

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