Suffer The Children to Come Unto Me #immigrants

If you are one of those people who nod and say ‘good’ when you see the treatment that immigrant children are receiving, then you are an asshole. You lack compassion, decency, and the most basic understanding of the essential message of Christianity. It is difficult to express my contempt and outrage at my fellow citizens whose hospitality is shamefully repugnant. How is it that the same people who claim to want run this country as a Christian theocracy have such a terrible grasp of what Jesus was teaching? Of course, these are the people who don’t appreciate this joke:

Q: What Would Jesus Do?
A: Go Drinking With Hookers and Bust Up A Church!

Years ago I sold a t-shirt with that joke on it. I was the only one who bought it.

If we are a civilized nation, and especially if we are to be the Shining City On the Hill that Ronald Reagan claimed us to be, then it should be an ethical and moral no-brainer when desperate and hungry children cross a desert to reach our borders in terms of how they are to be treated. Bring them to us. Let them come and let us take them with open arms. Let us feed them and clothe them and give them homes and educations. Let them become citizens of the greatest nation that has ever existed on this Earth and let them be better citizens than those lazy, ignorant, and racist clowns who tried to keep them out. We will be so much the better for it as country.

We’ve recovered all the jobs we lost in 2008. The Dow Jones just hit 17,000. Corporations are sitting on money to burn. To pull out our pockets and cry poor-mouth is inexcusable. Furthermore, first generation immigrants are more likely to start businesses, make the most of opportunities and simply work harder than just about anyone else.  So not taking them in doesn’t even make sense in economic terms; they are as excellent an investment as this country could make in our future.

My patience with the know-nothing conservatives is done; there comes a point with bullies where you have to look them in the eye and make it perfectly fucking clear that you have until now been restraining yourself for the sake of civility but that the time for their bullshit has now come to an end. That’s where I’m at with this one.


One Response to “Suffer The Children to Come Unto Me #immigrants”

  1. Rev. Kenny Lazarus Says:

    I would have worn that T-shirt! Shoot, I would’ve worn it to my Christology class at Seminary. Even funnier? So would’ve many of my professors!!

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