Dispatch from Parallel Universe e365ff42q-99901

Somewhere around 2003 my friends and I began joking that we were living in Universe B. I had a bit about it. The premise is that the science fiction-y physics of Quantum Mechanics implies that everything that can happen does happen but we only perceive the universe created through our choices and random chances; as I remember it, my assessment of the situation in Universe A in mid-2004 was that President Gore was facing a difficult re-election campaign for several reasons; first of all, George Bush had easily clinched the Republican nomination and was campaigning hard, Gore’s bland competence didn’t help either as his accomplishments were wonky, undramatic, and he managed to present his strengths in a way that invited ridicule. A perfect example was when early on in the campaign the Gore people tried to make a big deal of an FBI operation from the late summer of 2001 where a bunch of Saudi nationals were arrested in a terror plot; when the details of the plot got out about how they allegedly were planning to fly hijacked airliners into buildings the Bush campaign and the pundits had a field day; FOX News even did a segment where engineers explained how such an attack would only damage a few floors and retired Navy pilots explained how an untrained civilian would never be able to accurately fly a plane into a building. At least when he took credit for inventing the Internet he was taking credit for something important.

It never got big laughs, but after the sets where I riffed the idea people always talked to me about it afterwards so I kept it in and after a while I started saying we were in Universe C, which got a bigger laugh so the next time out I said we were in Universe D. There have been many decisions made and alternate universes spawned since those days and I have noted more than once over the years that the days seem to get stranger as I get older, but when I see stuff like this I know that we are very far from Universe A indeed…






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