Apocalypse Now and Again

All of the blood and treasure we poured into Iraq was for less than nothing; the situation there is rapidly disintegrating as ISIS overwhelms government security forces and reportedly imposes medieval laws on the populations under their control. Although the US will probably lend support with drone strikes it is very unlikely that we will recommit ground forces to Iraq even though that may be what is necessary to prevent a radical Islamic terrorist ‘caliphate’ from seizing the capitol. Ironically, it was the fear of a radical Islamic terrorist caliphate in the person of Osama bin Laden that provided the impetus for the Bush Administration to invade Iraq in the first place. This brings the comparison to Vietnam to its inevitable point; Vietnam was overwhelmed by the communists and the terrorists of the Khmer Rouge murdered millions of Cambodians as the US turned away from the region that had been deemed so vitally crucial to its interests just a few years earlier.

I wrote the above yesterday afternoon.
Since then, President Obama has confirmed that he has no intention of sending ground forces to Iraq.
The UN is saying that summary executions and other atrocities are being carried out in the wake of the advance of ISIS forces. 

I understand Cassandra’s frustrations.

2 Responses to “Apocalypse Now and Again”

  1. Kenny Lazarus Says:

    Very rarely do I say this, but in this case, send in the drones, send in the air force, send in the cruise missiles, do whatever t takes to destroy these criminals who defame the name of Allah. Yeah, I’m a bit grumpy, why do you ask? I wish there would be a way to create peace without more bloodshed, but these folks are not interested in peace, or justice, or even Islam. They have twisted the Koran and used it to further their own interests. They have a special place in hell reserved for them. Let’s expedite their trip!

  2. Kenny, I must cavil your point as I honestly don’t give a shit about whatever magic puppet show the criminals are cynically exploiting to justify what they are doing as they are clearly lying murderers; they are to theology what the Khmer Rouge were to political theory. I don’t believe that they should targeted with military force because of whatever crazy ass God-talks-to-them ideology they are spouting. I believe I understand that you are trying to make a point that these maniacs do not represent Islam and while I agree with that I most vehemently assert that no person should be killed for blasphemy. That being said I do agree that we must use all appropriate and available force to immediately eliminate ISIS. As Colin Powell said, we broke it so we bought it. We have an obligation to the people of Iraq and our own national interest to prevent ISIS from overwhelming the legitimate government. It is a hell of a bad situation regardless.

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