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The news reports say that he had been to therapists since childhood and had a history of mental illness but right now it is difficult to ascertain what exactly was wrong with Elliot Rodger beyond being, in Dr. Slappy’s considered opinion, ‘a crazy entitled asshole’.  Clearly he was a frustrated and alienated person who was in pain; he sought out advice for how to meet women from ‘pick up artists’ and ‘Mens Rights Activists’ who told him that women were objects to be manipulated and used. His manifesto is the whine of a rich boy who has had everything handed to him and doesn’t even understand that the things he really wants aren’t going to be handed to him; the idea of making an effort seems completely alien to him. He wasn’t a bad looking kid and he comes from privilege; his inability to make a connection to other people must be the result of being a sociopath, which may or may not be the result of a biological mental illness.

I haven’t met Elliot and I don’t know him beyond what I’ve read in the news but I’ve met people like him and wiped their hate soaked tears from my shoulder; I’ve heard the threats of the delusional loser before, who swears he’s going to rampage through a sorority house but instead shoots two girls from his car and drives on, who vows to make blood run in the streets but just does a driveby on a kid buying a sandwich. This is the problem with guns being widely and easily available; they empower weak, impotent, sick crybabies with the ability to murder decent people. The rhetoric of the MRA assholes must have been an especially noxious addition to the soul sickness Elliot was suffering from; they coddle and nurse the very worse notions and ideas from seeds of neurotic insecurity into the full bloom of demented hate.

I think that many people who are thought to be psychologically ill could be more accurately described as being philosophically or even theologically ill; that is, they are being made sick and miserable by a belief or idea they are holding tightly in their mind. The ‘Men’s Right’s’ movement is an excellent example of how the problem is in the mind of the beholder, not what they are aiming their rage at. Elliot Rodger sounds like any other poster to one of these sites; he believes that he is entitled to sex simply by virtue of desiring it and cannot comprehend that any woman would reject him. Again, this is also a symptom of being a sociopath, but my point is that there is little difference between being a Men Right’s Activist and being a sociopath.

It is incomprehensible to me how so many men behave towards women; their inability to acknowledge the common humanity of half of the human race has stunted their souls and left them miserable wretches that hate what they do not understand. I would simply laugh at them and dismiss them as swine unworthy of my pearls but they hurt so many of my sisters and spread so much misery that I can’t help myself.


1. Stop being a Men’s Right’s Activist. It is the least manly thing you can do. So a woman broke up with you or turned you down. Get the hell over it and stop whining. You will feel better about yourself right away.

2. Lose your sense of entitlement. Realize that your needs are not that important and start looking to the needs of those around you. Make sure the children you have sired have clean clothes, good food, safe homes, and are involved at school. A man with a big shiny truck who doesn’t pay his child support isn’t as attractive as you think.

3. Get involved in your community. This is really just an expansion of #2. With the time you save from not nursing the chunk of hate you have for the woman that done you wrong you can get out and make your world a little better. You might even meet somebody. Which leads me to #4…

4. Stop being obsessed with sex. Part of the reason women don’t like you is because you are like a dog that is trying to hump their leg; by the way, this is why the women that you do get close to tend to be carrying a lot damage and baggage around, because the ‘techniques’ of the ‘pick up artist’ are just methods of exploiting people’s insecurities and desperation. Those ‘techniques’ only really work on people with very poor self-worth. As soon as you start looking for reasons to be with women besides humping you will find that you will have more women in your life.

5. Learn to look a naked woman in the eye. This is like advanced technique #4. It is how you begin to learn how to be a good lover.

6. Groom yourself. It’s shocking how many fat hairy dudes who haven’t bathed in three days think that women are stuck up bitches for not wanting to hang with them.

7. . Learn how to argue. People disagree. This does not mean that people have to yell, threaten and call names. Just because you are not getting your way doesn’t mean that you are not a man and you should not feel so threatened.

8. Learn how to break up gracefully. This is advanced technique #7. Not every relationship is going to work out. Try to learn how to recognize it early, and failing that, try to keep it in perspective while you are going through it.

9. Do your own goddamn chores. Clean dishes. Do laundry. Cook. It’s not that hard.

10. Realize that you earn respect and leadership through effort and discipline, not because you were born with a dick.

There could be more, but the basic idea is the same. Frolicking with happy naked ladies is something I’ve gotten pretty good at over the years. In order to be happy with the opposite sex you need to get happy with yourself first. When we get naked with each other it’s not just our bodies that are showing ; sex is as miserable and terrifying or ecstatic and joyful as the people having it. It is a powerful biological impulse that can short circuit our rational mind and drive a broken mind to terrible acts or inspire a brilliant mind to innovative creativity.

Oh, and one more thing…

11. Stop fondling your guns. It makes your small penis obvious.

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