Let Him Starve #Norway #Anders Breivik

Anders Breivik isn’t comfortable in his jail cell and is threatening to stop eating if he is not given better video games. Obviously, the only reasonable thing to do is to let him starve. While the United States prison system is brutal, inhumane, overcrowded, and desperately in need for reform, it does have the benefit of not pampering mass murderers of children. He spent his trial not trying to prove his innocence or madness but rather that he is a political terrorist who was a rational actor.

How ironic is it that countless innocent Muslims have been interrogated and imprisoned in places like Gitmo because of the fear they might be terrorists, but a European who murdered 77 people because Muslim immigrants make him feel icky is treated like a spoiled child. That he is serving a mere 21 year sentence is outrageous and insulting to the idea of human decency; it is impossible to comprehend that someone who perpetrated such a horrific crime is going to be free before he is sixty years of age. While Norway may pride itself for being a tolerant and humane nation they are apparently utterly helpless in the face of the sort of threat Breivik represents.

4 Responses to “Let Him Starve #Norway #Anders Breivik”

  1. Quiet teahouse, is Winston okay?

  2. I’m good. Just been busy with life.

  3. I am. Although I am loathe to open up the Constitution for trivial purposes, I agree that there is nothing trivial about putting our govt. for sale to the highest bidder…

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