Day 16169 in the life.

Dinner with the Mayweathers was delicious, by the way. Mary Mayweather is an exceptional gourmet who regularly invents unique dishes full of flavor and rich in savor that are also healthy and organic. Monday’s meal was a sort of French pastry shell with ricotta cheese, garlic and mushrooms; it was exquisite and filling, a rich savory blend of woody flavors with a bright citrus note. A loving gift of warm comfort and wholesome nourishment. I am so grateful for my friends. Last Friday Sam and Zee got me sushi. Liza at work made me soup. I need to go to the gym.

My life is rich with blessings that overflow beyond counting. Today my day started with driving Little Tony to his daycare; his delighted cry upon seeing me alit within me a glow that is still radiating fourteen hours later. Last night I picked him up and brought him home to his mom; the kiss he planted upon my cheek was the sweetest I ever got. We hung out on Sunday for the first time in two weeks; those three hours were among the most blissful of my life.

I’m doing fine; my Zen practice has been helpful but not as much as the support of my family and friends. Simple brief talks with my dad every day keep me centered and I’ve been painting and writing (not simply this blog) and enjoying my job. I have, if I do say so myself, gotten pretty good at breaking up. There was no fight, just a conversation that ended in tears, then respectful silence. Then a bit over a week later a delicious dinner with champagne where we calmly discussed what happens next, which includes both of us clearly agreeing  that the mistake was getting engaged and that I would still be a part of Little Tony’s life.

I’m going to pick up a new laptop in a couple of days and I will share some of the new paintings. I promise to be more faithful to you, Constant Reader.

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