Let Joy and Innocence Prevail #WeAreNewtown

There are numbers and facts and lies and distortions dancing together. Diatribes, rants, and manifestos proliferate with indecent indiscretion. Incoherent rage is short circuiting our collective rational process; the same mass communications technology that has given voice to the oppressed has given a megaphone to the beast lurking in the darkest folds of the human brain. Today I will not engage in this. I will endeavor to work through, around and past it. I know the world is teeming with darkness, pain, and horror. I know that there are rooms on this Earth that are chambers of Hell. But Baby Tony and I sit here watching cartoons and snow from our warm orange room of paradise; that is real as well, but the only light and kindness that exists in the world is what we fight to bring into it. I have always been a fighter and I still am and will continue to fight as my conscience and faith demands. Let Joy and Innocence Prevail.

2 Responses to “Let Joy and Innocence Prevail #WeAreNewtown”

  1. Babies?!

  2. We got the one little guy running around. We’re talking about making him a sister.

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