You Called Him a Communist and a Terrorist You Hypocrites #NelsonMandela #GreatChristianLeaders

I’m sorry Huck, and I appreciate your concern. It’s the height of my busiest time of the year and my dashboard is full of titles and first sentences. The Teahouse remains open even as my life evolves into places I never imagined. But yes, the passing of such a man has occupied my thoughts for days and I do have things to say, so thank you for asking, my friend. It’s good to know somebody cares.

For 27 years the Great Christian Leaders of the world ignored the man in the prison as they supported his captors with wealth and arms; when citizens of conscience would demand action they were told the prisoner was a terrorist and a communist. The only reason he made any alliance with Communists in the first place was because all of the Great Christian Leaders turned their backs on him and the only reason the Soviets honored him was to embarrass the Great Christian Leaders, not because Mandela was ever enthusiastic in his embrace of the nonsense of dialectical materialism. His terrorism was sabotage against a government that murdered the schoolchildren of Soweto; an atrocity that the Great Christian Leaders accepted as just one of those things. 

He freed his people. He forgave his oppressors. He founded a nation.

He can finally rest in peace.

9 Responses to “You Called Him a Communist and a Terrorist You Hypocrites #NelsonMandela #GreatChristianLeaders”

  1. I want to tear this one apart right now but I’ll need some time to put together some provocative talking points.

    Good to see you’re well and posting. I’ll be back with some material. A busy live is a fruitful one. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

  2. Informer to disinformers Says:

    What about his terrorist reign of putting a tire filled with gas around the neck of anyone who opposed him then lighting it on fire and letting them burn to death publicly to strike fear into those who would dare question him (African necktie)?? Not to mention he went to prison for one of his least infamous of crimes, plotting to bomb a building that was filled with innocent men, women and children! Did you conveniently forget to mention that as you praise him as a “great Christian leader”.?? Let me point out to be a Christian you must follow the teachings of Christ himself. So where in the bible does Jesus Christ teach to do anything Mandela did? On the contrary Christ spoke highly against all the Tyrannical actions Mandela took thus forth Mandela was not a Christian nor a leader. He was a dictator. One who ruled by fear and violence.

    • ‘Necklacing’ had nothing to do with Nelson Mandela; it was the result of bloodthirsty mob ‘justice’ inflicted on those perceived to be collaborators with the Apartheid regime. The secret police would pay informers to give then information about anti-apartheid activists who they would then torture and murder, burning the bodies to hide the evidence. Consider it a measure of how brutal the South Afrikaner minority really was to inspire such monstrous acts. During the American Revolution Tory sympathizers would be tarred and feathered (which was excruciating and left permanent scars but was rarely fatal) which was certainly a form of political terrorism; if the colonists had felt more desperate and cornered they very well could have engaged in the sort of murderous terror that marked nearly every revolution after that. In any case, it is absurd to claim that a man who had been imprisoned for decades was responsible for the crimes of street mobs. It is, however, true that his wife at the time, Winnie Mandela, was guilty of crimes committed while he was in prison, but he divorced her and renounced what she had done. It is also worth noting that Desmond Tutu, a close ally of Mandela, once stopped a necklacing by wrapping his arms around a victim who had been doused in gasoline and prevented the mob from igniting the tire.

      It is difficult to honestly refute what you are asserting about the bombing because you are vague and mistaken at the same time. You seem to be asserting that he was in prison for plotting to bomb an orphanage run by nuns; he was actually charged with treason and conspiracy to violently overthrow the government. He had admitted to acts of sabotage but there was never any evidence or actual crimes committed that he was convicted for. However, in 1983, the MK set off a car bomb aimed at a military intelligence office in the heart of Pretoria killing 19 and wounding 200. Mandela did not directly plan or endorse the attack; the conditions of his imprisonment made certain of that. However, he felt responsibility for it and wrote this about it in his memoir:

      “The killing of civilians was a tragic accident, and I felt a
      profound horror at the death toll. But as disturbed as I was
      by these casualties, I knew that such accidents were the
      inevitable consequence of the decision to embark on a
      military struggle. Human fallibility is always a part of war,
      and the price for it is always high. It was precisely because
      we knew that such incidents would occur that our decision
      to take up arms had been so grave and reluctant. But as
      Oliver said at the time of the bombing, the armed struggle
      was imposed upon us by the violence of the apartheid

      The most obvious refutation of your assertions is the simple fact that when Mandela became the first legitimately elected leader of South Africa, he did not become a tyrant or seek revenge against the Afrikaner population. Instead of war crimes trials, property seizures and mass murder there was a truth and reconciliation commission that was far more forgiving than anyone had a right to expect. This forgiveness is the essence of Christianity.

      Nelson Mandela was not a perfect person and one could spend thousands of words cataloging his flaws; however one could spend thousands of lives listening to a full accounting of the oppression suffered by the people he liberated.

      • ^^^^^^^^ Cough, cough, lying bullshit, cough, cough, mandela did it himself, cough, cough, you’re a dim wit who dont fool anyone but idiots to ignorant to seek out the truth, cough, cough, communist

  3. Informer to disinformers Says:

    I agree Historian, everything this “furious buddha” says is pure propaganda indoctrination. It’s not hard to figure that out after you read a few of his lunatic ramblings, if you have half a brain that is anyway. I imagine his followers (if he has any) are all mindless souls like those who drank the poisoned kool-aid and killed themselves in that cult

  4. Dear Commenter;
    Before you get your puppet show all fired up, follow this link and read it.
    It will save us both time. However, if you want to put on a little show for my Teahouse regulars I won’t stop you. If you decide to use exceptionally racist or foul language or include links to racist propaganda I will edit or delete your comment-more likely, I will edit it to my liking which will surely not be to your liking (again, follow that link and see what happened to poor ‘Brian Radford’) Have a great New Year and good luck with that cough.

  5. Informer to disinformers Says:

    What does that link thats your own personal ramblings have anything to do with whats been stated???

  6. Informer to disinformers Says:

    p.s. your statement tells everyone how much they can’t trust a word you say 😉

    • I love when people come to a (read: the only) blog I’ve followed for years and claim that they have exposed its phoniness and that it is all a string of untruths no one will ever believe or trust. You see: Im bringing down these liberal lies by arguing with this guy. We see: A guy screaming at a wall until he’s red in the face then smiling smugly, wiping his hands, and walking away.

      Yall disagree, its really just that simple.

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