RIP Lou Reed #Loureed


I loved his music and his poetry so very much which is why I refuse to play one of the pretty ones now. This is how I feel.

3 Responses to “RIP Lou Reed #Loureed”

  1. Loved Lou. Funnily enough, the song I remember the most is “Harry’s Circumcision.” I first heard it on the radio on what was one of the worst days of my life, and it has stuck with me.

  2. Where’s the RIP Mandela? No post in over a month? Getting worried about you my friend…

  3. […] I’m sorry Huck, and I appreciate your concern. It’s the height of my busiest time of the year and my dashboard is full of titles and first sentences. The Teahouse remains open even as my life evolves into places I never imagined. But yes, the passing of such a man has occupied my thoughts for days and I do have things to say, so thank you for asking, my friend. It’s good to know somebody cares. […]

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