A Letter to My Congressman #PeterRoskam #GOP #RepublicanShutdown #USCongress #DemocraticParty #RepublicanParty #TedCruz #TeaParty

Congressman Roskam,

I live in your district and intend to do so for decades to come. I work here, I spend money here, pay taxes here, and obey the law here. I’m starting my family here. I serve the community in my work and try to support it however I can otherwise. I voted for Tammy Duckworth and every Democratic candidate since you took over for Henry Hyde; our ideological differences are significant enough that I am confident that you would never have my vote in any ordinary circumstance. However, you have motivated me to do more than vote for whoever runs against you next. I am going to give them money. I am going to volunteer for them and help organize and sign up new voters just to vote against you. I will not wear a silly hat or wave signs with ridiculous misspelled slogans yet I am confident that my wit will be worth that at least. I am doing this because you have put party ahead of country and need to be removed from your office.

You need to be removed from office so that the Republican Party can be reduced to a minority in the Congress so that the needs of the People are again properly served by their Government. The Affordable Care Act passed through both Houses, was signed into law by the President, vetted by the Supreme Court, and the candidate who ran on repealing it lost by a landslide; your party has voted over forty times to repeal this law but leave crucial legislation waiting for votes and now you have finally shut the government down with your tilting at windmills and kowtowing to ignorant loudmouths. You are a craven incompetent whose major career accomplishment will be your membership in one of the most reviled Congresses of the modern age unless you do your job now.

Do your job,

Winston Delgado

7 Responses to “A Letter to My Congressman #PeterRoskam #GOP #RepublicanShutdown #USCongress #DemocraticParty #RepublicanParty #TedCruz #TeaParty”

  1. Dale Husband Says:

    What about this as an option?

    Please read and comment there. I would be willing to revise it if you think a revision would make the message more effective.

  2. “I’m starting my family here.”

    Little Winstons incoming?

  3. Dale-I think what Huck is getting at is that what you propose gets us further away from anything resembling ‘normal’ government and deeper into the ‘crisis’ mode of governing. We don’t need to arrest lawmakers or talk about treason and such; while I certainly agree that the Republicans are putting party ahead of country I believe that the the correct thing to do is to punish them at the ballot box and make it clear that they and their ideas are thoroughly rejected by the American people.
    What I wish for is that we could have some nice boring technocrats who ensure that the government runs efficiently as opposed to true believing maniacs who are certain that if we all just do what they say we will have utopia.

    Huck-Julia and I are getting more serious. I want to adopt her son and we’re talking about more kids. Life is good!

    • ^

      Thanks, I envy your wordly talents. I couldn’t have put it better myself, although now I don’t rightly know what to make of him being that he couldn’t draw the parallel himself. I guess the locos grow on both sides of the fence (even though it’s my opinion that one side might get more media coverage than the other but hey, that could be an entirely separate blog post with insightful and fruitful discourse)

      I’m adopting my wife’s children at the moment myself. It’s been a long process but it is worth it (Bio father hasn’t been in the picture since before either could speak a full sentence). We’re about to have our second together. It truly is a good life.

  4. Starting to look like the Republicans were trying to deal a favor to Mr. O. by lobbying to postpone the ACA. Weren’t they trying to do that a few months ago?

    The backpedaling is concerning me. Did I not hear that the ACA was “the law of the land”? Now the President is going to make some hipfire changes by executive order after congressional members draft A BIPARTISAN BILL to aid Americans who are losing their policies? I guess the President thinks he can do better. What reason do we not have to trust him this time?

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