The Confederacy of Dunces is Drunk At the Wheel #GOP #JohnBoehner #SenateMustAct

That John Boehner’s Congress is stinking drunk while crafting legislation that effect the lives of millions of Americans is no surprise. Congressional Republicans have already demonstrated their total disassociation from reality regarding the shutdown they are precipitating so why not throw back a few while ferociously ungoverning the night away? Why should it matter? If they are spouting lies and nonsense anyway, they may as well be drunk.

The irresponsible arrogance of this grandstanding is emblematic of the contemporary GOP. This is what decades of Limbaugh and his wrecking crew shrieking their ignorant cognitive dissonance into the minds of conservatives has wrought; people who simultaneously claim to love America who are constantly trying to dismantle and dissolve it at every opportunity. There is absolutely no substance to their position other than an irrational contrariness that seeks to undo everything our society accomplished since the Civil War. If we simply embraced everything the GOP is fighting for we would discard modern medicine, science, and the civil rights of all females and nonwhite men as well as the rights of workers and consumers in addition to making weapons cheap and plentiful; this makes taking a position in opposition to them frustratingly simple and finding a point of common ground maddeningly difficult. Not that long ago my arguments with conservatives used to be about how we are going to build a better America; now they are about why we shouldn’t all live in Thunderdome.

What the GOP really fears is that if the Affordable Care Act is as successful and popular as it is expected to be when enacted calling it ‘Obamacare’ will bite them in the ass for decades to come. On some primal level, even the most craven congressional ideologue must recognize that the difference between the modern era and the Revolutionary one is that today, medicine actually works. It is not as if Americans are being bankrupted by or priced out of leech treatments or bleedings but rather drugs and treatments that actually work. Now, while it is true that there are those who argue that chemotherapy is no different from homeopathy it is also true that they are all either liars or the deceived. When a society has the ability to cure the diseases of its population but does not do so, that means the society is sick.

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