guns and silence #NRA #Aaron Alexis

To be sure, the person responsible for killing seven people and wounding many more was Aaron Alexis, a 34 year old Navy contractor. There are certainly many questions to be asked regarding how a man who reported hearing voices in his head was able to buy weapons and have a security clearance to be on the base. Of course, there are people who are going to be asking the wrong question entirely, but that’s nothing new, as are the people who want to talk about anything other than guns. Then of course, there are the people who are hearing voices in their heads who are treated like insightful voices of reason. When we ask why a man who told police he was hearing voices and being attacked with invisible rays was able to buy assault rifles  we are met with static and silence.

And here’s the thing to remember when the gun fetishists begin their wailing that women and homosexuals are trying to unman them and leave them to bleed out in castrated impotence; they are hysterical crybabies whose panicked insecurity is more real to them than the lives and safety of anyone else. Because they are afraid of boogeymen we live in a society where people who tell the police they are hearing voices and have done things like shoot the tires out of co-workers cars because they sensed some ‘disrespect’ have absolutely no problem buying an assault rifle. Even now, as they are reading this with their lips slowly moving along with their eyes, they believe that these words are advocating that President Obama come to their house to take all their guns and have his way with all the white women there; what is actually being said is that the status quo is unacceptable. We have been doing it the way the NRA has demanded for decades and the problem of mass shootings just keeps getting worse.

There have been over 8,240 Americans killed by guns since the massacre in Newtown last December. Surely we can do better than this.

3 Responses to “guns and silence #NRA #Aaron Alexis”

  1. The law should be cut and dry when it comes to responsible firearm use: If you are found to misuse a firearm, irresponsibly handle it, or leave it where children can have access to it you lose your right to have them.

    Unfortunately, agendists can’t be trusted with interpreting a law within the framed intent and nearly any law in the books can be abused in one way or another. Gun control is not only a slippery slope, but reliant on people being reasonable. There just aren’t many reasonable people out there, be it the ones who use firearms as a tool for their fifteen minute of fame glory gun down, or the ones who think that the only answer to the problem is complete and utter disarmament.

    This recent shooting spree is not nearly as much a gun issue as an issue of discipline within the federal employment system as a whole. I’m a federal employee and I’ve seen the monumentally endless amount of hoops that supervision must jump through for a uniformed person to see the end of their career. It’s downright asinine at times that people can conduct themselves in a manner and not be almost immediately removed from employment. Instead we have this ridiculous notion that we need to keep a paper trail of transgressions, but we all know the paper trail rarely follows a person from assignment to assignment. On the other side of the coin many supervisors are afraid to properly discipline and groom their troops because of the magnanimous shift towards political correctness in recent years. If you misstep even once during this endless ‘progressive’ discipline process, the whole case can be thrown out and the proverbial ‘eye of sauron’ turns towards you, your section, and the supervisors for how they handle disciplinary issues, and completely away from the idiot that caused them all to transpire. The process becomes exponentially more complex when dealing with unionized civilian employees.

    The conversation in my office when the shooting happened was that this was a case we had seen not once or twice, but time and time again with personnel we have worked with over the years. Sure gun control has a factor here, but this is ultimately the failing of our federal culture: A bloated beast being pumped full of steroids to keep its weak legs from collapsing as it stumbles toward its imminent demise. Ultimately, we are the ones to blame for not righting the wrongs before it was too late. The only saving grace I saw was the mother of the perpetrator take some modicum of responsibility for her son’s actions. Whether or not she is at fault, it is a breath of fresh air for someone to acknowledge and accept some blame instead of pointing the finger at grand theft auto, the dark knight, phillip morris, the public education system, or saturday morning cartoons.

  2. I agree with you start to finish; I don’t see how people who commit crimes with guns get to keep their guns. I also agree that there are obviously problems with the entire damned system; we keep cutting things to the bone and then scratch our heads when there’s no oversight. I also thought that the mother of the shooter displayed far more class than could be expected of anyone in that situation; I can only imagine what she is feeling. As always, thank you so much for your considered thoughts.

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