A ‘Strong Message’ for Gary Brown #Detroit

Gary Brown, the unelected city manager of Detroit, shut the power off to the city last week in order to send a ‘strong message’. This wasn’t covered in the news last week; after all, a twenty year old girl did a saucy dance a few weeks back so there was that to distract us, and the threat of war in Syria was also quite attention-grabbing. Still, the city manager of Detroit shut the power off on the anniversary of 9/11, forcing buildings to evacuate and stranding people on elevators, and one would think that would have been newsworthy enough to be reported on by nationwide media. But one would be wrong.  It is fundamentally un-American to appoint unelected officials to positions of civic authority such as mayor (or in this case ‘city manager’) who have power over things like the electrical grid. Perhaps if more Americans knew what was happening in Detroit they would be less eager to hand over their country to corporate drones.

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