Whitewashing White Guilt and White Privilege #tednugent #rushlimbaugh #billoreilley #GOP

Sometimes, it is very enlightening to listen to Rush Limbaugh declaim on the subject of race in the same way that watching children burn ants with a magnifying glass teaches one about biology. When one listens to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, or Hannity expound on race, one is not hearing a side of the American Conversation on Race, but rather is bearing witness to the White American Id trying to strangle its conscience. I feel none of this ‘White Guilt’ that Limbaugh is so worked up about

Clearly, black Americans and white Americans have different experiences in the criminal justice system and media despite the insistence of some individuals that racism no longer exists. To clarify, ‘race’ is an artificial human construct like money or the calendar that, while it is no more than an idea, has a very real impact on people’s lives, especially the lives of those who are not identified as part of the white race. While I don’t see evidence of the ‘White Guilt’ Limbaugh decries, I do see a whole lot of White Privilege everywhere I turn. White Privilege is a condition of getting annoyed by non-whites noticing White Privilege exists; White Privilege is white elites pontificating about the morality and ethics of the black underclass; White Privilege is complaining about leveling a playing field that has been rigged for centuries. White Privilege is being able to choose to not see racism.

Perhaps Limbaugh, O’Reilley and Nugent are feeling white guilt, which might explain why they are so emotionally wrought by this subject; on some level they must understand that they are the race hustlers here, exploiting tragedy for fame and money, stirring up the pot of racial animosity for the sake of ratings and donations. Hurting America like that should give someone a lot to feel guilty about; it should be no surprise that they are cauldrons of boiling guilt and rage over their despicable behavior. Their success at spreading their soul sickness is stunning; more Republicans have a favorable view of a child killer than the President of the United States. What a proud accomplishment.  

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