You Put Yourselves On the Wrong Side of History #GOP #Obamaderangementsyndrome

This Salon piece from April of last year does a very nice job of pinpointing the moment when the right wing collectively lost their minds over the murder of Trayvon Martin. Naturally, it was the moment President Obama said that Trayvon looked like he could be his son that it happened; his statement yesterday clarified what he meant when he said that could have been him thirty five years ago, and the reaction has been predictably deranged. This is a transcript of the Presidents speech, and I urge you to read his remarks; it truly puts the crazy rage in perspective to read in black and white the words that the right wing considers ‘race baiting’. The mechanics of this mental process are as brutishly simple as thinking that if Obama identifies with this dead child, then this dead child must have deserved killing. Consider Hannitys snide comment about Trayvon smoking pot. Nearly one in four American teenagers has recently smoked weed, so to demonize a kid with the implication because they may have smoked a bowl their murder was justified is simply demented. While Ted Nugent is a sad has-been clown who clings desperately to the fringe of the spotlight by soiling himself for nickles, he is also a prominent board member of the NRA and is given a big fat megaphone by right wing media, so when he jokes about shooting people in LA like feral hogs one week and then attacks a dead kid for apparently having the gall to walk down the street and defend himself when accosted by a stranger, it’s not just the jackoff at the local bar expressing his emotional damage. If he is not the spokesperson of regressive racism, I don’t know what the qualifications could possibly be. And yet somehow, it is President Obama and Trayvon Martin who are the racists.

To be clear, conservatism is not inherently racist (we could have a very complex discussion about how conservatism generally wants to maintain a status quo which is often racist, but the current conservative mind is in reactionary mode and is only interested in tearing institutions down.); however, the current conservative American mind has been caught in a spasm of deranged racism since Mr Obama was elected President, and the cramping has only become more severe as time goes on. Their fig leaf is fled, and as long as this party and movement continues to thrust obviously racist crackpots into the public discourse for what seems to be no better reason than spiteful obstructionism and hateful contrariness they dig themselves deeper into the wrong side of history and will bury themselves in irrelevance.

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