We Don’t Need You To Do That #questions4zimmerman

If he had just done as the 911 operator had told him to, there would be no one pleading for calm, no one would be talking about him looking over his shoulder, and there would not be so many lives broken by grief. Instead, he grabbed his gun and accosted Trayvon Martin, whom he then shot dead when the young man chatting on the phone defended himself from the ‘creepy ass cracker’ that came at him in the night. It is difficult for me to adequately describe my feelings surrounding the verdict, trial, and crime of George Zimmerman; I am not in the least shocked or surprised by any of it yet I feel such tremendous rage at the adults of this community that were supposed to be protecting this young man who instead flocked to the side of the coward who shot that kid through the heart at point blank range. Was George Zimmerman losing the fight he picked with Trayvon Martin? Most likely, yes, because he is a weak little man whose playacting at law enforcement was an attempt to compensate for his obvious inadequacies, which is why he had no business walking around with a gun accosting strangers in the night. That he pulled a gun on a kid because he was losing a fistfight that he started is not understandable, it is despicable. The adults who searched for photos and evidence that would paint Trayvon as some sort thug who somehow deserved to be murdered by this sad little fuck are beneath contempt.

Zimmerman was told to stay put by the authorities. He grabbed his gun and went after a kid who was on his phone with a can of ice tea and a bag of Skittles. Zimmerman didn’t identify himself and just started hassling the kid. We don’t know what actually happened between them because the weakling wouldn’t testify , and besides, George Zimmerman is a coward of the lowest streak and his word cannot be trusted as he would say or do anything to save his pathetic stretched skin.

From where I sit, the only assumptions and perceptions that could find Zimmerman not guilty are inherently racist, though I could be wrong. I urge the Justice Department to investigate this investigation and prosecution. We should remember that it took national protest to get this locality to even bring charges against George Zimmerman, who slept in his bed the night he killed Trayvon and for many nights after. They accepted his claim under the ‘stand your ground’ law despite the fact that  it was actually Trayvon who was standing his ground, but then, that law is not applied equally in that state. The racism at work here is why the racism of people like Paula Deen matters and why the only people who say racism is dead are racists; in fact, the ‘race hustlers’ in this case were clearly Zimmerman’s white supporters. We’re not talking about slurs and hurt feelings; somebody’s kid got murdered and they’re just letting the killer walk away. Again.

One Response to “We Don’t Need You To Do That #questions4zimmerman”

  1. The Prof Says:

    I do not know where to begin here. I’m so very sad for his family, and for millions of people who already believe they cannot get justice in America, and who are probably in a state of despair right now. The message this seems to send is that, if you’re a black kid, you have no right whatsoever to defend yourself. Having been on a jury in a similar case (where the victim did not die), I can tell you that it’s more complicated than it appears, and that your instructions from the judge, the evidence presented, and the letter of the law can really limit the decisions you make. I am still very disturbed by the prosecuting DA doing a victory lap that night, over a case she lost while she personally tried and convicted the woman who fired a warning shot.

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