The Power of Fox News is Unparalleled! #flimflamflipflopper

Apparently preaching to the choir is much easier than trying to convert people into her deranged choir.
I know, I know, by paying attention to her we give her what she is seeking, but her statement is just too perfect an example of a conservative sounding like a North Korean press release that I just had to share.I suppose this is the thing that I find so fascinating about her; she embodies the sort of cynical ideologue who can instantly switch positions and direction while somehow maintaining orthodoxy. It’s like watching a real life version of the official who in the middle of the speech exhorting the war with Eurasia to switch the enemy to Eastasia. The irony that the modern American right wing sounds like Trotsky raving against Stalin has a mellow richness that only comes with careful aging.

One Response to “The Power of Fox News is Unparalleled! #flimflamflipflopper”

  1. Money, money, money . . . mon-ee (insert tune)

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