Responsibility #NRA #Alexjones #Tednugent #Glennbeck

They’re just legitimate businessmen making a legitimate product. I strongly recommend reading this rare glimpse into how gun manufacturers view things; I found what Ugo Beretta had to say particularly insightful and the legal protections enacted by Congress on behalf of the gun industry to be extraordinarily unwise.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it were this neat and simple? The balance has shifted, surely; the paranoid flailing of the NRA and their mouthpieces shows how off kilter they are. We are not as organized as them but we need not be. What we need is for politicians to know that we vote and we care about this issue. We need to keep the pressure up and not be distracted by shiny things. We need to keep up our end of the conversation and look for solutions that are pragmatic and Constitutional; we need to hold people accountable for what they say.

Speaking of which; so here’s some domestic terrorism.

Only the perpetrator of an act of violence should be held legally responsible but the burden of karma and sin that produced it can be a thick web that snares many souls. People like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are multimillionaires who have amassed their wealth through base demagoguery; they lead flocks into fearful and confused pastures where they can be more suitably fleeced. Ted Nugent is a fourth rate musician and first rate bullshit artist who lacks the credibility to be included in an assessment with Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. That these people use their media megaphones to lie and spread paranoia is despicable, that they taint our collective unconsciousness is dreadful, that simply listening to them for too long can make you stupid and angry is undeniable; that their fake patriotism is a scoundrel’s shield should be as obvious as Beck’s false piety or Nugent’s tin machismo or Jone’s pretend sanity but somehow it isn’t. And so people think that the Communist Kenyan is sending tornadoes and hurricanes with his weather machine and government agents to take their guns and round them up into camps; and once enough people really believe these dark plots threaten America some of them are going to take action. Unpredictable and crazy actions. Actions born of lives in desperate isolation prodded into paranoid terror.

And we know how those actions rarely involve studious research and informed debate.



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