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It totally looks like the Mayor of Toronto actually smokes crack. Like, on the street, with the people who supplied to him, which is pretty hardcore. Even Marion Barry did it in a motel room with a hooker, which might not qualify as someone you trust, but I mean, if I were to do crack I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel safe buying it from a crack dealer let alone doing it with them. And I don’t want that to sound elitist; there is a spectacular story about my first cousins’ cross country crack binge that brings tears of hysterical laughter to the eyes of my listeners but breaks my heart to tell because I still love him and my grandmother still reads his letters from prison.

What’s really strange is that the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack isn’t even the biggest political scandal in Canada right now.

Which brings us to the strange scandals here at home.
One of the reasons I haven’t written much about Benghazi is because while the right wing has worked itself into hot frothing lather of rabies over it, I still don’t see what the problem is any more than the Republicans who freely move the goalposts all over the field do; I think the conservatives who have been fabricating emails actually in some strange way agree with me that the biggest problem with the Benghazi scandal is that the only scandalous behavior has been on the part of the GOP who are trying to make political hay with the bodies of Americans murdered by our enemies on foreign soil. When one looks at the big picture or for that matter, specifically the attacks that occurred on the previous administrations watch that were never investigated as a complete failure of Bush’s foreign policy, the crass cynicism of Republicans in this case is clear to behold. When one considers that the Republican Congress voted to cut the Embassy security budget by $300 million, one should question why we are blaming the Executive Branch for the failure to protect our diplomats.

While we are speaking of Republicans and budget austerity, it seems that the tragedy in Oklahoma is going to make things awkward for the Senators of that fair state that repeatedly voted against and schemed to reduce federal aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Senator Inhofe is a practiced hypocrite so he will probably have little trouble performing the requisite contortions to justify whatever position he finds himself in. Of course, it would be reprehensible to suggest that the people of Oklahoma be punished for the poor politics of their representatives, but they do vote for these people and should realize that there are consequences for those decisions; if we are going to slash taxes and cut services, infrastructure and safety nets things get real very quickly. It is one thing to get all giddy about Ayn Rand while you’re hanging on the quad with your bros, but in the aftermath of an EF4 tornado Objectivism is as useful as a bucket with a hole in it. I am wrenched to hear the stories coming out of Oklahoma and I just want to hold my own loved ones near. I pray that everyone who can be saved is and that the victims will be spared any further wrath of nature while they recover.

6 Responses to “Secrets, Lies, & Wishes #Benghazi #IRS #AP #MayorFord #Crack #BungaBunga #TeaParty #Really?”

  1. “Of course, it would be reprehensible to suggest that the people of Oklahoma be punished for the poor politics of their representatives, but they do vote for these people and should realize that there are consequences for those decisions”

    You can’t be serious with this. Winston in all the time I’ve been visiting your blog I’ve never seen you make your embittered views so perfectly clear.

    People from a Republican state suffer a devastating tragedy and what do we hear from you? Another pathetic “serves you right” story like the one you threw up about a gun control advocate being shot. What about “on the quad with your bros”? Do you know these people or something? Or are you just going with a safe 60/40 here because the state was red last November? I guess they get dehumanized and compartmentalized in your sick little box of witty names to call the tea partiers.

    Take a step back man. You don’t do serves you right on victims when their bodies are still warm. File this slop under youtube comment ranting, it’s sad. If you’re just hanging a hook out here looking for an argumentative tea partier to bite you’re no better than any of them.

  2. Huck
    The next part after the semi colon clearly reads ‘if we are going to slash taxes and cut services, infrastructure and safety nets things get real very quickly.’
    What I’m saying is that if we keep electing thoughtless morons who are proud of how thoughtless they are, we can’t be surprised when we reach a point when sirens don’t sound and firemen don’t come. They don’t get to slash taxes and budgets and then duck the consequences of neglected populations and infrastructure. There is no suggestion here that the victims of this disaster should be punished but rather that the politicians who clamor for strict austerity imposed upon others ought to consider their positions more thoughtfully; there are very solid reasons that the generations of the 20th Century that we now consider to number among the ‘greatest’ assembled the various social safety nets and progressive government programs that are being disassembled by people who disagree with every choice that made that century the American one. We ignore them at our peril.
    So you see, unlike the Republican senators from Oklahoma, I am not suggesting that American citizens should languish in the aftermath of a natural disaster because of our political disagreements.

    • What is this “we” I see when you obviously claim that republicans be punished for their votes. You can’t have your cake and eat it too here. Youve served up a fat dish of “you deserve it” but you won’t own up to it….

      • On a seperate but not unrelated note; I saw the relief effort first hand as we loaded trucks from Sheppard AFB to OKC to help. As opposed to the good people of America being subjected to a forfeiture of their wages to foot the bill of bloated bureaucracy. Believe it or not Winston if people are given the opportunity they will do good WITHOUT government involvement. Novel concept for liberals I’m sure.

  3. Winston,
    I completely agree with you, and did not take your comments as youtube ranting. The Benghazi affair really irks me, especially when considering all of the bullshit the previous administration pulled.

  4. Huck,
    I am not claiming that Republicans should be punished for their votes. I think the electorate that put people like Anthony Weiner in office deserve what they get as well. And I don’t mean tornadoes and natural disasters are punishment for voting or anything like that while we’re on the topic because I feel like we’re kind of getting into a weird place here. What I mean is that when people vote for politicians that have terrible policies nobody should be shocked when there are terrible results. What the people of Oklahoma who voted for their awful senators should realize is that those senators played politics with the relief efforts of other Americans who had been affected by a natural disaster and that the next time it comes time to vote maybe they should inspect their consciences a little more closely. I am certainly not saying that their relief efforts should be hampered in any way.
    Huck, taxes are lower than they’ve been in our lifetimes and longer. Spending has been slashed and every industry is less regulated than they have been in generations. The Dow recently went over 15,000 and corporate profits have been at record highs for years throughout the recession and recovery. Yet unemployment is high, wages are stagnant, the infrastructure is crumbling and there is a generation graduating into adulthood that has a bleaker outlook than the one before. To keep following the Republican economic agenda only sends us into the direction of the third world; Somalia should be a Libertarian paradise, right? Austerity economics have been thoroughly debunked and shown to be destructive to the populations they are inflicted upon.
    There are deeper problems, such as the increasing scarcity of resources and continued degradation of ecosystems by the ongoing population explosion of humanity that aren’t going to be solved by budgetary politics and philosophical debate. It will require the personal commitment to community that you speak of; the primary assumption of my philosophy is that people are fundamentally good. It is why we have progressed from the trees to the skies. The government is a tool of the people that consists of the people. It is possible for this tool to be corrupted and turned against the people it should serve; the 20th Century alone demonstrated this most aptly. However, the tool of government fashioned by the Founders has operated better than any other developed by man, and it continues to do so despite the worst efforts of succeeding generations. (It is funny to me that although conservatives love to shout their love for the Constitution, they always seem to be the ones trying to amend it, ignore it, or nullify it.) What I am saying is that I am a Unionist, a New Dealer, and a Democrat; I believe in the United States of America and pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the Republic upon which it stands which is one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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