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[This is from an exchange with someone responding to a political cartoon from the Plain Dealer that I had liked. His verbatim remarks are in italics. Anything I added I put in brackets. I am posting the Jeff Darcy cartoon for context.]
nra cartoon

Not every parent of the victims agree with this. blame the shooter not the gun. Thousands are killed every year without a shot fired. Luckily only 3 died in Boston.

I look at Boston and I see how easy it was for a foreign terrorist to arm themselves to the teeth. Al-Qaeda sees it too and mentions it prominently in their training manuals.

Guns are tools and I’m not blaming guns for a damned thing. I am blaming the irresponsible chuckleheads who think guns are toys and the neurotic obsessives who make a fetish of their guns; I’m blaming the paranoid liars who make it impossible to have a conversation about an enormous problem in these Unites States. If the NRA were a legitimate organization they would be leading the conversation instead of trying to stifle it and gut the regulations that exist and promote the increased proliferation of firearms; they don’t represent their members, they represent arms dealers. During Obama’s Administration there has been one piece of gun law passed, and it was to allow guns to be carried onto Federal lands, which is an expansion of gun rights. The Supreme Court recently overturned over two hundred years of judicial thought and now recognizes the 2nd Amendment to mean an individual right to bear arms, which is a radical change in favor of the NRA point of view. Activist judges have thrown out gun bans in cities like Chicago and are forcing the State of Illinois to allow concealed carry, which is an expansion of gun rights that completely overrides local control and states’ rights (but I didn’t hear any complaints from conservatives about that). The assault rifle ban has been lifted for a decade. The paranoia and irrationality of the NRA and those who stand with them is now dangerous to all of us. There have been 3,835 [as of this posting a few days later, it is 3,875] Americans killed by gunfire in the 145 days since those children in the picture were gunned down in December. [If you do the math you will see that more than one person an hour has died from a gunshot between this past December 14th and May 8th.]

How well has the Chicago gun ban worked all these years. How many people have been killed by knife or drunk driving since the shooting. Gun ownership was protected in the constitution for a reason. Until the constitution changes the right remains.

The homicide rate has skyrocketed since the gun ban was lifted. The Constitution says ‘A Well-Regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’. Well regulated’ is what we are talking about here. There were no police forces in most of the colonies or a standing army at the time and citizens were responsible to come when called with their gun. Which was a musket, not an AR-15.
Also, drunk driving deaths are down to historic lows even as the rate of deaths by firearm are increasing; there are some forecasting that by as early as 2015 more people will die by gunfire than by traffic accidents-not just DUI’s, but all traffic accidents. Also, there are 16 times as many knives as guns in circulation, so unless there have been more than 61,380 knife murders since the middle of December the comparison doesn’t work well for guns. In any case, I don’t understand what the threshold for acceptable loss of life is so that people can own more firepower than an infantryman had in Vietnam.
Again, no one is discussing banning guns , just ‘Regulating them Well’. Like the Founders said to.
[I’ve heard NRA officials and lawmakers that do their bidding use the term ‘slippery slope’ when trying to frame their rejection of the Senate bill as a reasonable position despite the fact that the logical fallacy they are employing in the argument is actually called the ‘slippery slope’. They may as well be saying ‘The False Dilemma of our Circular Reasoning Begs the Question of our Straw Man’s Equivocation, so suck it. Furthermore, their slippery slope is as steep as it is paranoid; the jump to confiscation from background checks or even registration is a madman’s leap that cannot be regarded seriously.]

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  1. So freaking tired of the slipper slope rhetoric. So freaking tired of all of it, actually.

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