Dennis Prager is a Sad Little Man #Dennis Prager #Dennis Prager is an arrogant hack

Dennis Prager is a third rate right wing hack who excretes content for the likes of NRO and other terrible websites, as well as poisoning the minds of Americans through his syndicated radio show. He is a moral scold who frets about gays destroying the institution of marriage while he himself loves getting married so much he’s done it three times He also thinks that there are no hungry children to speak of and that if there are, those children should be ripped from their parents and put into foster care. Unmitigated audacity of this magnitude is nauseating to behold; that he probably congratulates himself for what he thinks are his brave and daring observations is sad in the same way as a clown stuck in a meat grinder is sad*.


*It’s sad because it is very difficult to wash clown out of your meat grinder.

2 Responses to “Dennis Prager is a Sad Little Man #Dennis Prager #Dennis Prager is an arrogant hack”

  1. Is there a good website or FB site to combat Prager and his right wing brainwashing extremism?

  2. Not particularly anything more radical than the news media that are getting banned from White House press conferences. Prager himself is as irrelevant as any grasshopper; the problem is that he and his ilk are swarming into locusts, which can be very destructive.

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