Effete Conservative Crybabies. #Fuckface Von Clownstick

The Daily Caller is embarrassing itself again.

It’s good to know that children represent something besides collateral damage to the gun industry; maybe since they are beginning to see them as a potential market they might be willing to do something to keep them from getting shot. 

Oh, I’m sorry! Conservatives aren’t effete crybabies! They are brave maverick-y rogues!

Why ‘conservative journalism’ is to journalism what Christian Rock is to music.

Trolling Fuckface Von Clownstick is good times for everybody.

3 Responses to “Effete Conservative Crybabies. #Fuckface Von Clownstick”

  1. Interesting, in the article on the market it says “Each person who is introduced to the shooting sports and has a positive experience is another vote in favor of keeping our American heritage and freedom alive,” Junior Shooter editor-in-chief Andy Fink wrote in the winter 2012 issue.” Adding: “They may not be old enough to vote now, but they will be in the future.”

    Funny, by age 10 or so I had been shooting every week for about 3 years and I was an expert with a .22. I was also a member of the NRA. (I think at that time they had a children’s division I joined so I could compete.) Funny that I have grown up to be in favor extremely strict limits on firearms ownership.

    Just to make the conversation more interesting, I would have no trouble at all giving a 5 year old a firearm. If he or she had been adequately trained on safety (as I was) and I would NEVER allow them to even touch it with our a properly trained adult in their presence.

    Because of health issues, my son (now 3) cannot participate in many sports. When he exhibits enough maturity and cognitive ability, I will have no difficulty allowing him to learn to shoot. What troubles me is not that kids are being sold guns. It is that these guns look like toys. As this case so tragically shows, they are certainly not toys and should be treated with respect.

  2. The name of the girl who was killed was Caroline Sparks. She and her family lived in Burkesville, KY. The NYT ran a story today about the town’s reaction to Caroline’s death. The NYT ran a story today about the town’s reaction to the death. http://nyti.ms/12b9yYr

  3. I’m reading it now and it’s heartbreaking.
    While I understand that in different areas we have different local customs and norms, but I don’t see how it is conscionable to market candy colored .22 rifles to children.

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