Letter to Lily (rage against the bastards) #Adam Savader #Steve Kush


It’s been really weird and I miss talking with you; with age I find fewer people give me answers while more and more come to me for them, but I don’t feel like I have any more than I ever did. I don’t mean to sound melancholy; it’s always been weird and I always miss talking to you. I have noticed the movement of decades in the past few weeks, however, and feel the need to connect with my tribe. The river flooded like hell again just like in ’86 and washed up a bunch of memories that had drifted away and I started feeling the an urge to wax nostalgic like a Springsteen song that was a nostalgic paean to twenty years before that, and decided that would so very very lame.

Instead, let’s rage against the bastards and mock the deserving.
Lets start with Adam Savader, Paul Ryan’s sole intern who has also worked for Romney and Gingrich, and, it turns out is also allegedly a creepy extortionist. As Miss Mayweather said earlier today, this guy should be treated like a terrorist, because that’s what he did to fourteen women; his mother should be confronted with a camera and asked what she thinks of her son, and so should his acquaintances and co-workers and Frat buddies. What he is accused of (did) is a combination of extortion, cybercrime and sexual assault and that he could have been working in the White House is insane; this picture of Adam Sadaver debasing himself as a furry slave-boy for Newt and Callista Gingrich’s last swinger orgy will make you never want sex again.

Obviously what Steve Kush did is absolutely not even remotely in the same league as Savader. However, it is still worth pointing out that he clearly pays women to spank him and change his diaper while he weeps and recites verses from Leviticus. You see that, too, right?

Recently, a cretin Wikipedia editor decided that the primary qualification for being an American novelist was possessing male genitalia.God damn. Some days I don’t know why women aren’t the ones who are going around murdering total strangers.

Then there’s this stupid jackass shrieking about false flags and conspiracies as if it were somehow helping anything but his ratings. Speaking of conspiracies, why is it completely unsurprising to read that the complete failure of a human being who bombed Boston was a fan of Alex Jones?

I have to run. More later.

One more. This guy is a world class bastard.


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