A Practitioner of Incivility and Unreason #James Taranto #NRA

This is Gabby Giffords NYT Op-Ed from last week about the moral failure of the US Senate to protect our citizens. It is a passionate and eloquent plea for citizens to bring pressure on their elected officials to do their jobs and respect the will of the people as opposed to the will of Wayne LaPierre and his paymasters. This is James Taranto’s WSJ-published response to the Giffords essay. It is a cynical and crude screed that distorts and smears Giffords even as it cowers from  the issue it is desperately trying to hide, which is the disastrous failed gun policy that conservatives have demanded we live with for the past two decades. He then doubled down and has suggested that Giffords couldn’t have even written the piece, as if he could not comprehend how someone with brain damage could outwit him. That anyone on the GOP side of this debate could seriously accuse anyone, much less this person, of incivil and unreasonable behavior is laughably outrageous. It is understandable why the gun industry apologists and lapdogs simply want to silence and dismiss voices like Giffords; they cannot hope to win the argument if they engage directly with her.

In 2014, let us not just simply make gun control an issue; let us truly bring civility and reason back to our discourse, let us make good governance and stewardship the standard we set for our officials and not tolerate the kind of cowardly fealty to special interests that has marked this era.

3 Responses to “A Practitioner of Incivility and Unreason #James Taranto #NRA”

  1. I fear this will continue until our generation has passed from power. You and I came of age in a world where airports were re-named to honor the one man who single-handedly made flight less safe by breaking the Air Traffic Controllers. For the young GOP in power now, Reagan is an icon. Perhaps the generation that come of age under Clinton and then the Bushes will have a better, more balanced understanding and will be more civil and more open to discussion about what is best for everyone instead of the single minded devotion to winning the argument no matter what the repercussions.

  2. While I completely understand your point I refuse to accept that we have to live in a society where people like Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent influence our public debates more than people like Paul Krugman. We can do so much better than this…

  3. On that we certainly agree.

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