They Are Literally Caucasian. Deal With It.

So there’s some consternation and kerfuffle amongst our conservative brethren as they try to work out how to demonize the Boston bombers as ‘others’; that they are Muslims and immigrants is very easy to process but the idea of Muslim immigrants also being ‘white’ people is causing some to gag. Of course, it is the position of the Teahouse that racial classifications are absurd and to try and determine such things is like trying to hold the ocean in your hands. But if we’re going to engage in that sort of game playing, trying to do the acrobatics necessary to explain how two men who are literally caucasians are not white people requires a kind of mental flexibility I will never attain.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that these killers bear more than a passing resemblance to the Colombine murderers. Ironically, the people who scream about how they love the Constitution the mostest (especially the 2nd Amendment) are the first one who want to throw it out when it seems convenient or if they’re really really mad about something.  But then, the backbone of our elected officials is notoriously weak.

2 Responses to “They Are Literally Caucasian. Deal With It.”

  1. What is really interesting to me about the reaction to all of this is how folks who have a literalist interpretation of any sort of authoritative document (i.e. The Constitution, The Bible,) seem to have no problem picking one part of a document to rigidly adhere to while completely ignoring another part. It baffles me that they can’t see that such large inconsistencies completely invalidate their worldview!

    Your thoughts about the similarity to the Columbine killers certainly does help explain the Boston bombers motive and the apparent incompatibility between the act of bombing the Marathon and this pairs’ character.

  2. I think your comment to the Prof in your previous post hits the nail on the head. We have a Klebold and Harris type relationship with a little bit of older brother/father figure hero worship thrown in for good measure rolled up with a nice bow a radical Islam.

    In this case, history not only rhymed, but had assonance, consonance and mirrored meter too.

    AND now we are showing our racist, jingoist underbelly in how to deal with this guy.

    Good Grief this is depressing. I’m glad I have a bit of Faith in a higher power or I’d really be depressed.

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